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RunMaga, The Casual Android Game From Gewii Mobile

RunMaga, The Casual Android Game From Gewii Mobile RunMaga, the Casual Android Game Today I will present you, Android lovers everywhere, with the latest game from Gewii Mobile, called RunMaga and marketed as the first casual game in the Android market. A bold statement if you ask me, but just take your time, visit Google Play Store and download/install the game and you'll see what they're talkin...

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app Mario Kart Wii Cool Cheats logo

Mario Kart Wii Cool Cheats


Coolest cheats for the games you love! Get your game going with the latest game reviews, secret codes and special tricks to get the highest scores ever!I have collected all the information possible to...

app Super Mario AllStars Wii Trick logo

Super Mario AllStars Wii Tr...


Follow our cheats, tips, guides and jump to the next gaming level! Welcome to our unofficial video guide walkthrough for the game specially designed for Android devices where you will find super relev...

app Little Commander – WWII TD logo

Little Commander – WW...


This game supports English, 简体中文 , 正體中文, 日本語, 한국의 Get tired of hard core defense games? Try this one!This is a tower defense game in very cute cartoon style. A tower defens...

app RWiimote(Need Root) logo

RWiimote(Need Root)


Connect wiimote to android.You can use wiimote to send - keyboard char- touch pointThis app doesn't work- phones with HTC Sense UI - some newer Samsung phones....

app Wii Games Catalog logo

Wii Games Catalog


Wii Game Catalog is Nintendo Wii games database, with info and artwork.The simple user interface allows you to search games through the existing database or selecting them through the list.Features* W...

app Wii Scale Extensions logo

Wii Scale Extensions


This application provides the following add-on features to the wiiScale application( integration into Runkeeper for weight upload.-...

app Music WiiMote logo

Music WiiMote


Music WiiMote makes your Wii remote into a media controller. Forget about unlocking your phone just to pause or change the track, with Music WiiMote all it takes is a press of a button.Music WiiMote a...

app Hills of Glory: WWII logo

Hills of Glory: WWII


Choose your favorite combatants and face up to the successive waves of soliders and tanks.Top-notch graphics, humor and a fun game all the way through; this is the future of Tower Defense!Powerful wea...

app WWII-style Horizon logo

WWII-style Horizon


The widget simulates the artificial horizon from P-39 “Airacobra”, P-51 “Mustang” and many other WWII fighters. Shows pitch and roll angles of the device.It is the simpliest widget in Fflint ...

app Wii U And Mii logo

Wii U And Mii


Get all your favourite Wii U and Mii articles on your Android device! Wii U and MIi covers the latest reviews about upcoming Nintendo games, as well as the breaking news and rumors about Nintendo as t...

app WWII News logo



WWII News is a minimalist Android app, which shows hand-picked World War II related headlines - and links to the articles - every day.How it works: Opening the app starts the update process. Just clic...

app Android MultiWii Configuration logo

Android MultiWii Configurat...


Android configuration tool for the MultiWii board.This is a tool to configure the settings of a Tricopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter or Octocopter based on the MultiWii Project software.To use this tool ...

app Wii Motion Monitor Pro logo

Wii Motion Monitor Pro


This app connects Wii Remotes with your smart phone. It provides functions such as:* motion alarm: You can use it for baby monitor, security system etc. Compared with other similar apps in the market,...

app Wii Motion Monitor Free logo

Wii Motion Monitor Free


This app connects Wii Remotes with your smart phone. It provides functions such as:* motion alarm: You can use it for baby monitor, security system etc. Compared with other similar apps in the market,...

app Drawii logo



Drawii is the painting application. 1: If you touch the icon of the far left menu, the menu switched.2: There are three menus, submenus are displayed.2-1: [Drawing]: Change color and brushes, Undo a...

app Dowwii單字卡 logo




app Wii logo



**This product can only be purchased from our website now. Sales in the Android Market will not complete**Transform your phone into a portable Wii with this awesome theme built for true Nintendo fans....

app American History: Pre WWII logo

American History: Pre WWII


What do you know about American History? What countries declared war on the US during WWII? Test your knowledge and beat a high score! Post to facebook!...

app WWII Posters logo

WWII Posters


WWIIPosters is an aggregation of the stunning war time posters produced by the US Government during World War II. The posters give you a unique peek into the American mindset of 1942. The images have ...

app 95 WIIL ROCK logo



Say hello to your brand new 95 WIIL ROCK app! We've completely redesigned the app for a spectacularly enhanced user experience. Still the same great features you know and love from our previous app, j...

app Wii cheat codes logo

Wii cheat codes


The cheat codes for the top games on Wii. Do not miss out on this great offer as this is one of the most cheapest cheat codes apps available in the android market....

app Wii Attitude logo

Wii Attitude


Wii Attitude est fier de vous offrir sa premiere application Android pour accéder au contenu en ligne de l'actualité Wii Attitude !En cas de soucis dans l'application merci de faire un r...

app Encyclopedia of WWII Battles logo

Encyclopedia of WWII Battle...


Learn more about World War II Battles - whether you are preparing for the History Test, a college final, or even if you simply desire to learn more about world history. Over 400 articles carefully che...

app WiiScale logo



This application enables the Wii Balance Board for use as a scale on your Android device. **DOES NOT WORK on NEXUS devices or JELLY BEAN or ANDROID 4.2 devices.*Bluetooth must be synced through the a...

app SimpleWiiController logo



This is a simple app to connect Wii controller.This app doesn't work- phones with HTC Sense UI - some newer Samsung phones.- MotoBlurUpdate:- add VirtualTouch beta!!!!!! this function need root"...

app Wii Controller IME logo

Wii Controller IME


Control your Android games and emulators with a Nintendo Wii remote!Features:> Up to four controllers at a time> Nunchuck and classic controller compatible> Easily create, edit, and switch be...

app WiiHacks logo



WiiHacks Homebrew Community is a discussion forum for the Wii and homebrew games and applications as well as other gaming discussions. This app allows you to participate is the community from your And...

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