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Amazon Wireless Offers Samsung Captivate For A Penny

About five days ago, Amazon started selling the high-end Samsung Vibrant (on T-Mobile) for only a penny with a new two year contract. Considering T-Mobile sells the Vibrant for $199, I'd consider the deal to buy the Vibrant for only a penny a pretty good one. AT&T has its own flavor of the Galaxy S smartphone in the form of the Captivate, s...

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Amazon Wireless Is Selling The Samsung Vibrant for A Penny

Looking to score the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone on T-Mobile for an ultra cheap price? Look no further than Amazon Wireless, as the giant online retailer is currently offering the high-end Android smartphone for just a penny. Of course, the deal is only valid if you are renewing your two year contract on T-Mobile or if you are interested in pic...

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Motorola Droid X Already Selling Out, Verizon Faces Activation Problems

Sales of the Droid X for Verizon have gone well according to insider sources. In fact, sales have gone so well that many stores are reportedly turning away customers because they have ran out of devices. Instead, customers are receiving coupons that can be redeemed for a Motorola Droid X. Check out the image above which shows a Motorola Droid ...

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Both white Nexus 4 models (8GB and 16GB) sold out on U.S. Play Store, Google confirms

white nexus 4 As the 16GB white Nexus 4 is no longer available for sale from the U.S. Google Play Store, a publication confirmed with Google that the limited edition smartphone has sold out. A few days ago we told you that the 8GB model was no longer available from the Play Store, and it looks like the 16GB version had the same faith. While it’s not clear how...

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app Time to Rock Racing logo

Time to Rock Racing


Tiny Little Racing Time to Rock is a battle racing game. Shot and mine your opponents while racing against time.Want to have music while playing. The game will play random songs if you copy your favor...

app Time to Rock Racing Demo logo

Time to Rock Racing Demo


Tiny Little Racing Time to Rock is a battle racing game. Shot and mine your opponents while racing against time.On this demo only the 6 tracks from 30 are available.Time to Rock Racing is now MOGA Enh...

app Tiny Little Racing Demo logo

Tiny Little Racing Demo


An action racing game. Try it out since it's free. (Help and indie developer and buy the full game! :)) cars and 12 tracks availabl...

app marketnews magazine logo

marketnews magazine


Marketnews Magazine - Serving Canada's Electronics, Computing & Digital Imaging Industry. Marketnews has established a long and credible reputation as the publication of record for the consumer te...


Leaked Costco Internal Screenshot Reveals $289 Price Tag For 32GB VZW Galaxy Nexus

We still do not know the exact release date or pricing of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but thanks to various leaks and rumors, we now have a clearer idea how much the first Ice Cream Sandwich device will cost and when it will launch.  According to a leaked internal screenshot from Costco, the 32GB model of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Veriz...

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Best Buy Reportedly Extends Thunderbolt Price Past March 20th

Best Buy had a "genius" plan of selling the HTC Thunderbolt to people who pre-ordered the device for the normal retail price of $250 and to customers after it launches to $250 on a two year contract. However, the original plan was for Best Buy to up the price to $299 on a two year contract after March 20th. With Verizon Wireless and other third...

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app Tiny Little Racing logo

Tiny Little Racing


TL Racing is an action racing game that should please those who like old style 2d racing games and modern action based 3d kart racers.-20 different tracks and 12 cars.-Race against 5 computer opponent...


Motorola Atrix 4G Priced At $150 By Costco

As we approach closer and closer to the expected launch date of the Motorola Atrix 4G (which is mid-February and possibly February 11), more and more pricing leaks are surfacing. Yesterday, AmazonWireless published a product page for the aforementioned Android smartphone and priced it at $150 on a two year contract. The product page has been pu...

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Motorola Droid X Available Tomorrow, Teaser Video Lands Today

We're just a few hours away from the Motorola Droid X officially launching and I have a little bit of news regarding the Droid X to get you pumped up for Verizon's latest Android offering. Verizon uploaded a teaser video to YouTube today which basically shows Astronauts discovering a floating rock and then cuts immediately to the word "tomorrow"...

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