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A Review of Wisp for Android

A Review of Wisp for Android Overview Wisp is a new puzzle/adventure game from Triolith Entertainment. You’ll play a forest Wisp named Eira who’s lost in the dangerous woods, and trying to find her way back home. It’s a definitely a unique game, and it has a style all its own. The soundtrack got my attention pretty quickly it fits the game to a tee; they really did a nic...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – May 6, 2011

1. HBO GO This one's a no brainer for the top spot. If you subscribe to HBO, you can now watch the channel streaming from you phone. I'm a huge fan of HBO's series, and had this bad boy on my phone as soon as I knew it was out. I works great, and they have a lot more selection through HBO GO than they do on the actual channel itself. They have all ...

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