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How You Can Protect Yourself When Depositing At Your Mobile Casino

Using mobile depositing method for your transactions at a mobile casino is evidently the safest and the fastest way. There is not much hassle and just an SMS can let you deposit the amount of cash that you want in your casino account. Even though the Mobile deposit is the safest method that can be used at mobile casinos but there are a few ways t...

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The 5 Best Cooking Apps for Your Smartphones

The 5 Best Cooking Apps for Your Smartphones Can you imagine what life would have been like if you didn’t have your smartphone? If the answer to this question was a (powerless) shrug, then let me tell you: it isn’t all that bad! In fact, our smartphones can turn from the scrolling devices that we know them for, to the best cooking companions. Yes, you’ve read it right, it is the smartph...

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The Chargeall Kiosk Lets You Charge Your Devices While You’re on the Go

chargeall kioskCharging your smartphone, tablet or gadget is a daily occurrence for most of us, and depending on where you live you may have already witnessed the wonders of a charging station. The ChargeAll kiosk looks to be the crème del a crème of charging setups, and the futuristic setup is looking to set up shop on a campus, store or business near you. ...

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app Women’s Lingerie Shop Plus logo

Women’s Lingerie Shop Plu...


Plus Version Includes: Search, Pinch-To-Zoom, Less Ads. Everybody is looking to spice it up. Don’t you think it’s time to select more interesting bras and panties? Or why not get a thong? It doesn...


Barclays warns that HTC risks being drawn into a marketing war

htc one vs sony xperia z on design back in hand aa HTC just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the company’s finances. The British bank Barclays Plc has cut its estimate for HTC Corp’s earning throughout 2013, due to concerns that the smartphone manufacturer will have to spend more on marketing to combat the fierce competition currently present in the smartphone market. Dale Gai, a...

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Slice and Dice Pixely Monsters in Attack of the Spooklings

attack spooklingsWe’ve seen Android Games that have you slice fruit and other various objects, but I bet you’ve never sliced a Spookling. No worries, you’ll get to slice up thousands of them in Picaro Games Attack of the Spooklings. Attack of the Spooklings is a slice ‘em up game that puts your fingers to work defending a pixelated fort from hordes of litt...

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Vine Labs releases the Official Vine for Android App

vine for androidYou’ve heard about it, you’ve watched the funny videos, and now you can finally see what all the fuss is about. Vine for Android has officially been released, and it’s the coolest way to make and share short video clips with friends and followers. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Vine for Android is a simple little app that allows ...

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ARM launches new Cortex-A12 processor with new Mali-T622 GPU and Mali-V500 video processing

Cortex-A12-645pxARM has released details of its new Cortex-A12 processor which is designed to be a successor to the very popular Cortex-A9. Aimed at the mid-range smartphone and tablet markets, the A12 is 40 percent faster than the A9 and can be used in a big.LITTLE implementation. The new Mali-T622 GPU is OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant but yet has a 50 percent greater e...

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Android 4.3 appears on Google Developers Website

android 4.3 Just hours before the Google's keynote presentation at the I/O Conference 2013, the latest version of Android 4.3 was released into the wild, as it appeared when searched in Google Developers website. Since Google's main event for 2013 is about to begin shortly, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep quiet about all the news which are to be...

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app Некрасов — Мороз, Красный нос logo

Некрасов — Мо...


Некрасов НиколайМороз, красный нос(Посвящаю моей сестре Анне Алексеевне)Ты опять упрекнула меня,Что я с музо...

app WWCI Radio logo

WWCI Radio


WWCI is a concept that founder Walter Wright had been working on for several years after leaving WDME Radio in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. We here at WWCI want to keep our station small, local, community ...

app Wolf Fun Slots logo

Wolf Fun Slots


Get 3 of a kind for the 5X Pay FREE spin bonus. Stereo music and high quality graphics. Bonus has a "Win Meter" Run out of credits? No worries we give you 500 more for FREE!...

app Big Baller Blackjack logo

Big Baller Blackjack


Classic Black Jack Game with a twist... You have to bet minimum of 100 credits per hand! Run out of credits? No worries, we give you 500 more! Be the big baller that you really are!...


The Best Free Tablet Apps for Android

best.tablet.apps-1Google Play is a lot like life these days, nothing is truly free. Even free apps have hidden purchases, and you have to dig to find good apps that are fully functioning (for the most part) and free. Tablet apps are even harder to sift through as they aren’t as many of them, and some are obviously much better than others. With that in mind we’ve...

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app ZatSe, I Find Numbers For You logo

ZatSe, I Find Numbers For Y...


Wondering where to go, where to shop, where to eat, where to find a helpline number, where to rent stuff etc...Now leave all the worries to ZatSe. Download the ZatSe App, key in your queries and wait ...

app SWTOR Aurek Besh Translator SD logo

SWTOR Aurek Besh Translator...


***** SD edition for Smartphone 320x480 ******Halt traveller! Don't forget your universal Aurek-Besh translator, useful for your galaxy conquest!During your travels through countless worlds, you'll be...


Translate Text on the Go with the WorldPenScan BT from PenPower

worldpen.scan.btIf you’re the globetrotting sort going to a foreign country is always made easier if you know the language. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to learn a new language on the fly. That’s where a new piece of tech called the WorldPenScan BT can come in handy, as it allows you to carry a mini translator in your pocket and it even works wi...

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Wayout releases the Actual Movie Trailers App for Android

I love watching Movie Trailers just as much as the next Movie fanatic, but watching them on the mobile can be painful at times. The Actual Movie Trailers App from Wayout looks to change that though as it makes watching the hottest movie trailers as simple as sliding your finger across the screen. A lot of folks check out trailers on YouTube or b...

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Embark on adventures, quest with friends and take flight in airships to explore the FINAL FANTASY multiverse. This is the newest mobile incarnation of the FINAL FANTASY series.In a realm beset by enc...


Glu Mobile releases Contract Killer Zombies 2 for Android

Well we mentioned this one coming out last week, and it snuck right past this writer. Glu Mobile’s Contract Killer Zombies 2 has arrived on Google Play and if you haven’t picked it up yet you’re in for a treat. Contract Killer Zombies 2 or CKZ2O if you prefer is a 3rd person shooter that puts you into the role of Evelyn as she attempts to ...

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XMG Studios releases Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast for Android

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is an Awesome new Android game from the folks at XMG Studio. As the name implies it’s tied into the Ghostbusters franchise, and you’ll get to be a Ghostbuster as you use Augmented Reality to clean up the city. Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is all about catching ghosts and you’ll do this just like they do in ...

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app Binaural Beats Meditation logo

Binaural Beats Meditation


Listen with stereo headphones.Binaural beat audio technology to help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states.User selectable background sounds and adjustable beat v...

app MWUAA logo



THE WORLD'S MOST USELESS ANDROID APPLICATION (WMUAA)I made this program to make me rich. Very rich.This is a simple idea: peoples spent lots of money to useless things on the web. But these thing are ...

app MC: Skin Dome logo

MC: Skin Dome


Visit For Minecraft Servers.UPDATED TO 1.4.6 (Official Release)Change your Minecraft Multiplayer Skin on-the-go! Change or swap at anytime! Use the handy guides, recipes and item...

app Mushrooms FREE logo

Mushrooms FREE


+ + + The ultimate pocket sized identification tool for mushrooms! + + +THE FREE VERSION INCLUDES ONLY 15 SPECIES, 150 PHOTOS, AND 10 QUIZ QUESTIONS. FOR MORE WE RECOMMEND THE FULL VERSION.They grow i...

app Mushrooms PRO logo

Mushrooms PRO


+ + + The ultimate pocket sized identification tool for mushrooms! + + ++++ 300 species - 2000 images - identification function - quiz +++They grow in large numbers in forests and fields. Millions of ...

app LeRage (faces) logo

LeRage (faces)


LeRage helps you make your conversations much more enjoyable. Sometimes words just can't express your emotions - pick a face from the list and show it to others! You'll have lots of fun!The main inten...

app SMS Manager logo

SMS Manager


Worried about your SMS being read by others? Forget all your worries henceforth, You have come to a right place, We have an elegant solution for you.SMS Manager application hides your personal text me...

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