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Disney brings Wreck-it Ralph to Android

I’ve always been a fan of Disney, but their latest movie Wreck-it Ralph really got my attention as it’s all about video games. Considering the subject matter it’s only natural that there’s a Wreck-it Ralph video game, but is it any good? Read on to find out... Wreck-it Ralph the game is actually 3 games in one with Fix-it Felix Jr., Hero...

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Wreck-it Ralph


WELCOME TO GAME CENTRAL STATION!Hit the arcade and game-hop between 3 CHALLENGING arcade games based on the movie! Fix-it Felix Jr. ...

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Simpelz Hangman


Simpelz Hangman is really easy to use version of the popular Hangman game played all over the world. This version has lots of cartoon, game and film based categories. More categories are being added a...

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Dance Music Dictionary


Good application for all street dancers!You guys maybe sometimes feel some difficulties to find music to practice dancing or to dance, right?But do not bothering yourself, this application definitely ...