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app GlobalCU Mobile Banking logo

GlobalCU Mobile Banking


GlobalCU Mobile Banking allows you to check balances, view transaction history, pay loans and more on the go!Features:- Check Balances- View Transaction History- Transfer Funds- Pay Loans*Mobile Banki...

app GlobalFreeAgentFighters logo



This App. provides direct access to Global Free Agent Fighters Homepage. We will apply 50% of the funds from this App. sell directly to the Cash-For-Training Drawing Prize. We encourage all Fighters...

app Endgame: Global Enslavement logo

Endgame: Global Enslavement


For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can exact their plan to end 80% of the population and help the select, "chosen few" of the planet live f...


Why are smartphone companies losing their market value? An inside look at the smartphone industry.

Galaxy series sales If your stock portfolio is made up of big mobile technology companies, you’re probably feeling a little worried about the return on your investment recently. Over the past months we’ve seen lots of troubling financial data and weak stock performances from many of the big smartphone companies. The chart below shows the stock performance of a se...

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Ethically-sourced Fairphone hits its pre-order goal ahead of schedule

FairphoneLet’s face it, phones aren’t exactly great for the environment, and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. For Dutch startup Fairphone’s part, they don’t claim their upcoming smartphone is completely environmentally friendly, but instead the goal is to be as transparent and ethical as possible when it comes to using resour...

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Google to cease Android developer payments in Argentina

“Don’t cry for me, Argentina!” President Cristina Kirchner’s tough foreign currency policies have resulted in difficulties for Android developers and users in the country (Photo credit: AP).Update: Corrected information regarding Google Play purchases from within the country.Even in a globalized world, not everything is perf...

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app Jewellery Making Courses logo

Jewellery Making Courses


The ultimate Jewellery Making Courses fanatics App! This is the only app you need when it comes to Jewellery Making Courses. Do you want to get the latest updates, news, information, video, photos, ev...

app Education Innovation Summit logo

Education Innovation Summit


The high-impact annual Education Innovation Summit-known to many as "Davos in the Desert" — now entering its fourth year. Michael Horn, co-author of Disrupting Class, has called the Summit "the can'...

app Celine Dion widgets logo

Celine Dion widgets


Customize you home screen with Celine Dion Widget.About Celine DionDion has actively supported many charity organizations, worldwide. She has promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF) si...


22cans reimagining Populous through Kickstarter with Project GODUS

Peter Molyneux and 22cans have made quite the stir lately with Curiosity, and now the group has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new game Project GODUS. Way back in 1989 a game by the name of Populous dropped and it is widely considered the first “god game” for the PC.  Molyneux and 22cans are reinventing Populous and bringing it...

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app GARI Accessible Mobile Finder logo

GARI Accessible Mobile Find...


The Vodafone Spain Foundation has developed GARI Accessible Mobile Finder, an application that lets you choose the mobile phone that better suits your needs! It provides more than 400 devices with mor...

app 스마트증권T logo



IBK투자증권의 태블릿 트레이딩 시스템 "스마트증권T"는 편리한 주문, 빠른 시세, 꼼꼼한 체결 통보와 선물옵션 거래까지 강력한 기능 및 다양한...

app GPS Tape Measure Pro logo

GPS Tape Measure Pro


GPS Tape Measure Pro is a virtual tape measure for your Android device that is an extension of GPS Tape Measure Free. Why go pro?- save multiple locations and enter your own locations- easily get the ...

app 스마트증권 S logo

스마트증권 S


IBK투자증권의 스마트폰 트레이딩 시스템 "스마트증권S"는 편리한 주문, 빠른 시세, 꼼꼼한 체결 통보와 선물옵션 거래까지 강력한 기능 및 다양...

app Spreadbet logo



Spread betting App ‘Spreadbet’, CMC Markets’ new financial spread betting app for Android allows you to trade 1794 financial instruments whenever you want, wherever you want. Spread betting enab...

app SaxoTrader logo



Experience the power to execute trades anytime, anywhere. SaxoTrader for Android offers free market information, prices, charts and news across multiple instrument groups without the need for a tradin...

app 400 Physics Flashcards & Quiz logo

400 Physics Flashcards &...


Learn more than 400 fundamental physics terms by multiple-choice quiz, flashcards, and dictionary.Send report of correct and incorrect answers to emailQuiz friends by text message.Post score for globa...

app FCC Commercial Exam 1.0 logo

FCC Commercial Exam 1.0


Practice for your FCC commercial license exam. Includes all complete question pools and lifetime updates. Element 1: Basic radio law and operating practice with which every maritime radio operator sho...

app Citibank HU logo

Citibank HU


A Citi Mobile egyszer? és kényelmes hozzáférést biztosít a Citibank ügyfelei számára a számláikhoz és hitelkárt...

app NFPA 1600 2010 Edition logo

NFPA 1600 2010 Edition


The 2010 NFPA 1600 app is now available! Protect public safety during a crisis with today's best practices as presented in the 2010 NFPA 1600®.The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the...

app Live Football On TV logo

Live Football On TV


(This app is a football TV schedule guide, it is not a streaming service, yet. Please review the app description before rating, thanks :)Try out the Lite (free) version is here:

app Zoo Kids Lite logo

Zoo Kids Lite


Give your kids the very best in virtual tutoring! Zoo Kids, an Android Exclusive app, is designed to help your kids spell and pronounce the names of animals (A-Z) commonly found at a zoo. With over 70...

app 行動企業家TouchBanking logo



CTCB Touch Banking is an innovative corporate mobile banking service which will facilitate your account management by:1. Real-time account inquiry and financial information offering. You can keep clos...

app Financial Chinese logo

Financial Chinese


Best contents | Very Well Categorized Banking & Finance Chinese Mandarin Sentences | Authentic Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation | HEAR, READ & LEARN with Chinese Character Writings + Mandarin Ch...


A Review of Spinning Top Adventure for Android

A Review of Spinning Top Adventure for Android Overview Spinning Top Adventure is a new Android game that lets players adventure through rich 3D enjoinments with an old school spinning top. I remember playing around with a few spinning top related games as a kid, but I honestly never thought there would be a video game about one. Well, x-fund global has changed that with their new game abo...

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app Citibank TR logo

Citibank TR


Bankan?z cebinizde!Citibank Online'da yapabildi?iniz tüm ödeme ve transferlerinizi Citi Mobil ile evinizin rahatl???nda her zaman, her yerde yapabilirsiniz.Hesap ÖzetiGüncel hesap ...

app Retraite Sécu logo

Retraite Sécu


Dans le cadre de l’élargissement de son offre de service,  « l’Assurance retraite » investit le monde de la téléphonie mobile avec son application « Retraite Sécu ».L'Assurance retraite g...

app Biology: Cells logo

Biology: Cells


The Biology:Cells app is a study aid for students in university level biology. Learn more than 375 fundamental biology concepts in 8 chapters of multiple-choice quiz, flashcards and glossary content. ...

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