X Phone specs, and why you shouldn’t care.

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Purported Google X Phone prototype | Image credit: Tinhte The Motorola X Phone has gained a lot of traction, and a has just about everyone curious. The original scuttlebut involved some sort of [...]

How the Motorola X Phone could change things

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The X Phone is coming, and we know what it will be: mid-range, with some interesting nuances. The hardware won’t blow us away, but some of the new features might. We’re all reading about an [...]

Motorola XT912A leaks, probably not X Phone

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Just few days ago we were pondering on how the next Google and Motorola phone would look like. Today we have the Motorola XT912A; a phone which we suspect will not be the fabled Motorola X [...]

Motorola X Phone, image and details out!

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This year apart from the Samsung Galaxy S IV, the Google’s Motorola X Phone is getting a lot of attention. The phone is yet to be confirmed, yet to be announced and still the rumors are getting [...]

Google and Motorola making a mysterious X Phone

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There are rumors in the digital air today that Google along Motorola are working on a new breed of cellphones dubbed as the “X Phone”, there is also a possibility of a tablet in works too. The [...]

SafeLinx Phone Control Trial


This is a free 3-day trial of SafeLinx: When moving above 5 mph SafeLinx Phone Control Trial will provide phone control by an Administrator over an Android Smartphone.SafeLinx Phone Control Trial [...]

How to keep kids safe on cell phones?

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When you got your child a cell phone, he entered a large number of under 18 children who own a phone. For your child, getting a cell phone was another achievement unlocked. He joined the ranks of [...]

How Mobile Phone Helps You to Track Your Child


If you want to know exactly what you kids are up to all day every day, let me introduce you to what will help you, the hoverwatch mobile phone tracker. We all love our children. But in this world [...]

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