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Quick review: Zaxxon Escape Android Game

Quick review: Zaxxon Escape Android Game Recently, Sega released Zaxxon Escape, a remake of its first video game with a 3-D isometric perspective which first invaded the lives of kids twenty years ago. Said game was retooled, fine tuned and adapted to suit the preferences of today's mobile gamers. Does the game deserves your Android device's precious storage and of course your precious ...

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Thirty years later: Sega Announces Zaxxon Sequel

Way back in 1982 Sega released an arcade classic space shoot em up by the name of Zaxxon. Zoom forward to present day 2012 and despite many of the new generation of gamers perhaps never having heard of the game, Sega have just released a trailer for and have announced the pending arrival of the second Zaxxon game in the series entitled Zaxxon Escap...

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Space Quest Alpha


Tablets! An update is coming that will fix the controls!!! Sorry, I didn't know!Space Quest Alpha is a vertical scroller where you are exploring the outer reaches of the universe. Stunning graphics ...