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Another Budget Phone is headed your way in the ZTE Blade C

ZTE is aiming to cater to all of the customers this electronic season. The ZTE Blade C is another Android smartphone which will be economical and yet will run android 4.1 Jelly Bean, this is a really interesting combo, especially in budget phones. ZTE, much like HTC in the past is expanding its portfolio in a positive way. Adding the ZTE Blade C ...

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app Unlock ZTE Blade B04 logo

Unlock ZTE Blade B04


This application generates a SIM unlock code for your ZTE Blade version B04 by IMEI. This way you will not void your warranty and you will be able to use your phone with a SIM card from any network op...

app Blade Checker logo

Blade Checker


Blade Checker is for the ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco/etc. only. Don't try and use it on any other phones, as it won't work.Blade Checker will tell you whether you are Gen 1 or Gen 2/3. If you are G...

app BLADE WiFi Alive logo

BLADE WiFi Alive


This app makes sure that your ZTE Blade, Orange or San Francisco Base Lutea even in standby the wifi signal reserves. Radio cells gspeichert to the WLAN. If you change the radio cell recognizes the ap...

app BLADE WiFi Alive Lite logo

BLADE WiFi Alive Lite


This hack ensures that your ZTE Blade, San Francisco or base Lutea even in standby the wifi signal reserves. The app also works with many other devices. The light in the Back button flashes red while ...

app DroidGram Blade Unlock Free logo

DroidGram Blade Unlock Free


This is a network unlocker for ZTE Blade and Orange San Francisco Android phones. The app generates codes to network unlock your phone so that you are not tied to a specific network provider. e.g. ins...

app Blade Wifi Fix logo

Blade Wifi Fix


Some people with the ZTE Blade / Orange San Francisco phone find that the Wifi doesn't always come back on after the phone wakes up from being locked or asleep.Install this and you wont know its there...


Pocket for Android updated, now reads your saved items

Pocket, formerly known as Read-It-Later app has just been updated and is now available for download from Google Play. Topbilling the new features of the updated Pocket Android app is text-to-speech which can read to you your saved articles. Luckily for us, Android users, this feature is not yet available for Pocket's iOS counterpart. Additionally...

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app Cache Download to SD (root) logo

Cache Download to SD (root)


CacheDownload2SD will bind the ROM /cache/download folder to SD Card, so for the ROM /cache/download activity will use SD Card free space. THIS APPLICATION IS FOR ROOT DEVICE ONLY. You need ...

app ChargeDroid Free logo

ChargeDroid Free


Ever been trying to plug in your charger in the dark? You keep trying to find the plugin and just aimlessly stab the side until you have to turn the light on, or worse, break something. With ChargeDro...

app ChargeDroid Paid logo

ChargeDroid Paid


Your favorite utility, but with NO ads! AND priority updates! First to receive the newest phones! And you help continue development!!Ever been trying to plug in your charger in the dark? You keep tryi...

app Forwarded Call Alert Free logo

Forwarded Call Alert Free


Displays an alert when you receive a forwarded (diverted) call. MAY NOT WORK ON ALL PHONE MODELS. The free version is not configurable and hides the notification after a short time.Redirecting busines...

app TPT Helper logo

TPT Helper


TPT Helper is designed for the ZTE phones. It helps you to easily repartition the phone and for the ZTE Blade, convert it to the Gen 2 memory layout to let you run the latest custom ROMs. ZTE phones s...

app Colorful alarm (Alarm clock) logo

Colorful alarm (Alarm clock...


**Rate and comments are appreciated**Colorful Alarm is the ultimate alarm in the Android Market, fully configurable, with three steps to make your wake up easy and let you start the day in a good mood...

app TV.Centerr Live-TV logo

TV.Centerr Live-TV


Watch Live-TV on your Android 2.2+ smartphone.Over 20 channels (German, English, French, Italian) available.Please note: Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is needed for this app to work. If you can not find Fla...

app BSL Level 1 Step three Part B logo

BSL Level 1 Step three Part...


App store descriptionDear Learner,Welcome to First Steps British Sign Language, Step Three. This is the last app of the first step series, and completes all the learning material needed for a good bas...

app BSL Fingerspelling Part A logo

BSL Fingerspelling Part A


Dear Learner, Welcome to Finger Spelling British Sign Language. This App contains fingerspelling tests to help improve your receptive fingerspelling. It is designed for level two students but suitabl...

app Social Network LWP HD logo

Social Network LWP HD


=Social Network Live Wallpaper now on Android=¡All NEW Look!#Special FREE edition# NEW with Mobile Sites!Please READ the description, this is NOT an app, it´s just a Live Wallpaper. Thanks...

app Mash ‘Em Marbles Lite (BETA) logo

Mash ‘Em Marbles Lite...


An exciting game of Marble Mashing fun!!!!This is the initial BETA Version of Mash 'Em Marbles for Android. This will be improved as time goes on, so keep checking back.Mash 'Em Marbles is an exciting...

app Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) logo

Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulat...


We grew up with the BBC Micro and we loved it, so we're bringing it back to the world!See that Android phone in your hand? That's not Intel inside - it's powered by an ARM processor. The 'A' in 'ARM' ...

app MusicMinesweeper logo



MusicMinesweeper is Minesweeper with progresses, more of a random beat, we excited.Recommended for those who like:Nan Cross Checkers Chess Crossword Mahjong - Free Picross killing time ...

app Magical Cannon Wars (Donate) logo

Magical Cannon Wars (Donate...


The vertical scrolling shooter game that combines elements of orthodox magical girl character and story.Leave a crisp exhilaration defeat the enemy!Features Orthodox type vertical scrolling shooting. ...

app Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper logo

Exodus Pro Live Wallpaper


A mass of blocks flips and fades across your home screen! Swipe the screen and watch as the mass changes direction and more blocks fade in!Features:+ Many options to determine how blocks flip, fade in...

app Exodus Live Wallpaper logo

Exodus Live Wallpaper


A mass of blocks flips and fades across your home screen! Swipe the screen and watch as the mass changes direction and more blocks fade in!Features:+ Many options to determine how blocks flip, fade in...

app Forwarded Call Alert logo

Forwarded Call Alert


Displays an alert when you receive a forwarded (diverted) call. MAY NOT WORK ON ALL PHONE MODELS. If it does not work or you do not like it, just send a short email to get a refund, no questions asked...

app SpaceThereminPro logo



Spacey Theremin Instruments app.Touch&move screen, will change pitch.Delay on/off from menu.To update Ver2.x from Ver1.x ,please uninstall and install again.Features will be added:Change Effects P...

app LectorRss logo



Yes, another feed reader (RSS and ATOM). I use it as a testing and learning and, despite this, it works well enough to be the only feed reader I use both the phone and the tablet.Is translated into Sp...

app – ​​Articles & News logo – ​​Ar...


Welcome on Free UNKNOWN.IT!All articles and the latest news of the most important Italian portal on the mystery and the paranormal on your mobile phone.Happy reading!---Do not know The Port...

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