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Vaper’s Toolbox App Review

Vaper's Toolbox - screenshot  If you just quit smoking and embraced the new high tech e-cigarette thing, say hello to Vaper's Toolbox, an Android app that will help you to build your own coils. It doesn't matter if you're a total noob or an expert, with Vaper's Toolbox you'll no longer need to do all those pesky calculations for achieving the perfect  coil. Because, gues...

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Shadow Fight 2 For Android

Buckle your seat belts because here it comes Nekki's Shadow Fight 2 for Android, the sequel with a vengeance!  If you're a droid-head and you enjoy chewing bubble gum and kicking ass, boy, this awesome mix of classical fighting and RPG is the one for you. After its initial launching back in May, Shadow Fight 2 conquered the hearts and minds...

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I WANT SXX App Review

I WANT SXX is the latest and the greatest dating app for Android and what makes it unique is that it offers complete privacy for its users that are looking for a hot date over the web. The name itself is pretty suggestive and straightforward and the app was created for internet aficionados that have a thing for privacy and anonymity. I ...

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Mobizen, The Android App Everybody Loves

mobizen For us, Android lovers, Mobizen is a dream come true. What is Mobizen all about, you may ask? Well, this is probably the best idea ever for controlling your Android devices by remote if you're using a PC or a Mac. I bet you had this problem at least once in your life : you're in an important meeting and the droid in your pocket is flooding you w...

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