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孙子,古代军事学家,春秋末期吴国将军。字长卿,齐国乐安(今山东博兴北,一说惠民)人。约活动于公元前6世纪末至前5世纪初。孙武祖父齐大夫田书伐莒(今山东莒县)有功,齐景公赐姓孙氏。后因齐国内乱,孙武出奔吴国。经吴国重臣伍员推荐,向吴王阖闾进呈所著兵法13篇,被重用为将。吴、楚争夺霸权,后阖闾采纳孙武等建议,一举攻入楚都。吴国称霸,孙武起了重要作用。后人尊称其为孙子、孙武子、兵圣、百世兵家之师、东方兵学的鼻祖。著有《孙子兵法》。Grandson, ancient military scientist, the late Spring and Autumn Period Wu generals. The word Nagaaki, Qi Yue security (now Shandong Boxing North, said Huimin) people. About activity at the beginning of the 6th century BC to the 5th century. Sun Wuzu parent Qi Dafu Tian the book cutting Ju (Shandong JUXIAN) active Jinggong Cixing Sun. After civil strife, Sun Wu fled to Wu Qi. Recommended the Wu minister of state Kivu member, was written by Art of War to Helv king into 13 to be reused will. Wu, Chu hegemony, after lu adopted the Sun Wu proposals, in one fell swoop scored Chu. Wu dominate the Sun Wu played an important role.Later known grandson Sun Wuzi soldiers San BES military commander of the division, the originator of the Eastern Military Science. He is the author of "The Art of War".

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