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亚马逊为Android系统设计的掌上亚马逊可以让用户通过一个渐变精美的界面,快速便捷地在亚马逊上进行商品的搜索、浏览、购买、对比以及查看评价。这款应用程序中的条码扫描功能可以让用户通过扫描商品条码,即时获得商品的详细信息,亚马逊价格,以及库存信息。用户可在此软件种享受与电脑网站中一样的购物车功能,心愿单功能,以及同样的支付及配送方式,和一样的订单查询服务。所有在掌上亚马逊中执行的购买指令都会通过亚马逊的安全服务器,就如在电脑网站上一样。所有在亚马逊中国商店产生的交易都使用人民币(¥)安全结算。基于Android系统的掌上亚马逊适用于:• 利用掌上亚马逊对比您在商店中所见商品的价格。• 随时随地安全地选择购买所有亚马逊所拥有的商品。• 随时浏览商品详情,阅读用户评论。• 利用您的手机查看并跟踪您的订单情况。• 通过亚马逊应用程序购买Z秒杀商品。• 扫描商品条形码,并即刻获得商品的详细信息,价格,和库存量(手机需具备相机自动对焦功能)系统要求:适用于Android操作系统 2.0,2.1,2.2, 或更高。掌上亚马逊商城,销售包括图书、影视、音乐、软件、音像、游戏娱乐、数码影音、玩具、食品、母婴、化妆护理、手机、汽车用品、电脑、电脑硬件、厨具、家居、装修、家电、摄影摄像、办公用品、钟表、首饰、运动健康、服饰箱包、鞋靴等百万种商品.正品保证,天天低价,货到付款,30天内可退换货!AmazonThe Android system handheld Amazon through a beautifully gradient interface allows users to quickly and easily on the Amazon product search, browse, purchase, contrast and read reviews. Bar code scanning app allows users instant access to detailed product information by scanning the barcode, Amazon prices and stock information. This software a wonderful experience with the computer site as the shopping cart feature, Wish List, and the same payment and distribution, and the same order inquiry service. All purchase instructions will be executed in the handheld Amazon through Amazon's secure server, as in the computer website. All transactions in the Amazon store yuan (¥) security settlement.Android-based handheld Amazon:• Using handheld Amazon contrast you see in the store commodity prices.• anytime, anywhere safely choose to buy all Amazon goods.• feel free to browse product details, read user reviews.• Use your phone to view and track your orders.• through Amazon application to buy Z spike goods.• scan product bar codes, and immediate access to detailed product information, prices, and inventories (the phone will need to have the camera auto-focus function)System requirements:Android operating system 2.0,2.1,2.2 or higher.Pocket Amazon store sales, including books, film, music, software, audio and video, video games, digital audio and video, toys, food, mother and child, cosmetic care, mobile phones, automotive supplies, computers, computer hardware, kitchenware, home decoration, home appliances, photography cameras, office supplies, watches, jewelry, sports and health, clothing bags, footwear million kinds of commodities. authentic guaranteed, everyday low prices, cash on delivery, 30 days return policy!

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