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天天主同行,日日是好日! 香港聖經公會【全年好日曆2013】,365日無間斷地為您送上聖經金句及勉勵信息,讓您在繁忙的生活中,也能細味上帝的話語,從中得力! 主要功能︰ 【金句日日Send】 只需設定每日響鬧時間,就能天天定時收到聖經金句及勉勵信息,讓您每天都能讀到上帝的話語和關懷的信息。 【聖經即時Read】 連結閱讀最新出版的《和合本修訂版》這本既熟悉又易明的聖經,讓上帝親自向您說話,每天與主同行! 【新舊日曆一Click到】 提供共200年西曆和農曆資料。備有中國節日、節氣等資料,但除去吉凶宜忌、流年運程等色彩,向迷信說「不」! 【摯友互勉齊齊Share】 透過電郵、電話短訊(SMS)、Facebook等,讓您隨時隨意與親朋好友分享,藉着聖經金句互相勉勵,用愛播送正能量! 【聖經公會四圍link】 連結心靈分享文章「聖道常新」、e通訊、最新消息、《和合本修訂版》簡介等,拉近關係,結為屬靈伙伴。 使用提示︰ - 按着日曆的金句一秒,可即時分享經文 香港聖經公會簡介 分享聖道 改變生命 世代相傳 香港聖經公會貫徹聯合聖經公會及其會員多年以來的宗旨: 讓每一個人能以可負擔的價錢,獲得一本讀得明白的聖經。 竭盡所能 分享聖經 我們深信聖經是上帝活潑永存的道,是具有生命力的話語,因此我們的工作有以下重點: l 翻譯、出版及分發聖經 和合本修訂版 新標點和合本 和合本 現代中文譯本 呂振中譯本 新廣東話聖經 l 與教會及其他機構互相配搭,鼓勵讀經。 l 協助教會舉辦聖經主日,激勵更多人愛慕及重視上帝的話語。 l 透過不同活動,如專題講座、公開展覽、贈經事工,與大眾分享聖經。 支持落後地區的聖經翻譯事工。 欲了解香港聖經公會更多的事工,歡迎瀏覽我們的網頁 此軟體適用於iPhone、iPad及iPod Touch。另備有Android 版本,適用於Android作業系統手機及平板電腦。 歡迎用家提供任何意見(電郵 如喜歡這個軟件,請給我們一個好評,讓更多用家能分享此軟件的好處。感謝您們的支持!Peer Lord every day, every day is a good day!Hong Kong Bible Society [2013] calendar year is good for 365 days without a break for your Bible Verse and encouraged to send information to make your busy life, but also to savor the word of God, from which effective!Main function ︰[Verse day Send]Simply set a daily alarm time, you can receive regular daily Bible Verse and encourage information you read God's Word every day and care information.[Bible] Instant ReadLink to read the latest issue of "Bible revised edition of" This is both familiar and easy to understand the Bible and let God speak to you personally to daily walk with the Lord![Click to] an old calendarProviding a total of 200 years in the Gregorian calendar and lunar data. With Chinese festivals, solar, etc., but excluding Taboo good and bad, fleeting fortune and other colors to superstition say "no"!Humian opt Share】 【friendVia email, phone text message (SMS), Facebook, etc., keeps you free to share with family and friends, through the Bible verse encourage each other to transmit positive energy with love![Link] round about the Bible SocietyLink mind sharing article, "Holy Word often new", e newsletter, the latest news, "NIV revision" Introduction, etc., closer relations, became spiritual partner.Tips for using ︰- According to the calendar of verse one second, you can instantly share scripturesAbout the Hong Kong Bible SocietyShare Saint intergenerational life-changingHong Kong Bible Society and its members implement the United Bible Societies aim for many years:So that everyone can affordable price, get a read too aware of the Bible.Do everything we can to share the BibleWe believe that the Bible is God's Word lively forever, is a viable discourse, so we work with the following priorities:l translation, publication and distribution of the BibleBible revisionNews TranslationNIVModern Chinese translationKing James VersionNew Cantonese Biblel with churches and other organizations match each other, to encourage reading.l Assist Bible Church held Sunday, motivate more people to love and the importance of the Word of God.l through various activities such as seminars, public exhibition, presented by the ministry, and the public to share the Bible.Support Bible translation in backward areas ministry.To learn more Hong Kong Bible Society ministry, welcome to visit our website: software is suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Android versions are also available for the Android operating system phones and tablet PCs.Welcome to offer any comments with (e-mail: like this software, please give us a praise, so that more users can share the benefits of this software. Thank you for your support!

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