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公車咖提供「台中市」公車即時資訊的查詢、紀錄以及我的站牌設定,首頁列出常用路線按鈕,可以方便迅速地查到站時刻,同時提供站牌每個停靠站名的離線查詢功能。如「公車咖」使用上出現問題希望獲得修正,請提供手機型號以及發生問題的公車路線站牌等資訊電郵討論。留言在 android market 並無法回覆討論解決問題。台中縣市合併有許多公車改號改線如有延遲更新還請告知。公車即時資訊由市政府建置供公眾使用,資訊如有異常請與交通局聯絡。台中市政府建置的公車即時資訊網站可利用手機上網瀏覽,可惜每次要點選常去的路線總是不便,字體小不易點選中路線,雖可用瀏覽器我的最愛功能來紀錄該網頁,遇到偶而要查的路線加來加去總是不方便,於是設計了這個紀錄瀏覽路線小工具。我的站牌功能提供自訂我的電子站牌「我的站牌」,類似台中市新式的電子站牌,可以自定公車停靠站牌,即使不同停靠點也可以集合成一個站牌,點選一次可以更新多條路線的即時資訊,舉例來說逢甲大學往東海大學有28/68可以通行,但是28/68的逢甲大學站牌卻在不同路上,站牌地點並不相同,出發時一次查28/68的時間就可以決定去哪裡等。「我的站牌」的應用主要用在減少轉乘時間,舉例在中港路科博館站上了83/88欲前往逢甲夜市,這時轉搭公車有兩種選擇,一是新光三越下車轉5/33,一是朝馬下車走到黎明路轉 28/54/79,只要車上查這兩組虛擬站牌,就可以看出那裡下車最快到逢甲,避免等很多班距間隔長的公車。(附註:這裡舉例沒提到6268是因為全航這路公車無法查即時車況)The Bus cafe provide Taichung City Bus instant-information query, record, and I stop sign set home page lists the commonly used route button, you can quickly and easily be found in the station moments, while providing the names of each stop stop sign Offline query function .Such as the use of "Bus cafe problems corrected, please phone model information e-mail discussion of a problem with the bus routes stop sign. Message in android market and can not reply to discuss and resolve the problem.Merger of Taichung County and many the Bus gaihao change line if delay the update also please inform. Bus real-time information from the municipal government to build for public use, the information is subject to abnormal contact with the Department of Transportation.Bus Taichung City Government to build the real-time information website available mobile Internet browsing Unfortunately, every time you want to click on a route frequented always inconvenient, the font small is not easy to tap in routes, although my favorite features of the browser can be used to record the web encountered occasionally to check the route to Calais plus go always inconvenient, and then designed the record route gadget.Custom electronic stop sign stop sign "stop sign function, similar to the Taichung City's new electronic stop sign, custom bus stops licensing, the different stops can be collected into a stop sign, point election once updated real-time information on routes, for example to Tunghai University, Feng Chia University, 28/68 can pass, but the 28/68 Feng Chia University stop sign in different road, stop sign locations are not the same, starting when time check 28/68 of the time you can decide where to go."Stop sign" applications used in reducing interchange time, for example, the Museum of Natural Science in Taichung Kang station on 83/88 heading Feng Chia Night Market, then ride the bus, there are two options, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi get off 5/33, First Chaoma get off went Dawn Road, turn 28/54/79, as long as the car to check these two sets of virtual stop sign, you can see where you get off the fastest to Feng Chia avoid a lot of headway interval length the bus. (Note: This example did not mention 6268 is not able to identify the real-time vehicle condition because the whole Air Road Bus)

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