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继去哪儿旅行成为安卓热门旅游应用后, 去哪儿网再次倾力打造的一款贴心旅行助手: 去哪儿酒店!★★★随时随地查询预订特价酒店, 是您掌中的特价订房专家! ★★★--------------------我们的优势---------------------【美观界面】绚丽和易操作的用户界面【海量酒店】超过2万家酒店提供在线预订【优惠价格】汇集各大预订网站的优惠价格【尾房特价】每晚6点后特价尾房抢订【方便快捷】随时随地即可完成预订【品牌保证】去哪儿网官方应用------------------可以这样使用哟-------------------❤定位搜索行程有变, 需要立即找酒店入住? ——城市选择“当前位置”, 定位搜索您身边的酒店❤精确搜索☀想找目的地附近的酒店? ——关键字选择或输入地标搜索, 即可搜索到按目的地距离排序的酒店☀倾心于某个连锁品牌酒店 ——关键字选择或输入某经济连锁品牌进行搜索☀浪漫旅行, 要找特色酒店? ——关键字输入“海景”“度假”“客栈”等搜索❤筛选排序在搜索结果中再次设置价格距离等条件筛选更符合需求的酒店❤酒店真相☀不了解酒店真实状况? ——在酒店详情查看丰富图片和来自客户的真实评论☀我想要宽带、吹风机、无烟房…… ——酒店详情服务设施清晰展示❤路线导航陌生地点, 找不到酒店位置? ——进入酒店地图, 点击酒店坐标即可查找路线❤酒店周边酒店周围有什么好吃的好玩的呢? ——酒店周边直观告诉您!❤快速预订想快速完成预订—— 一次下单即可保存联系人信息, 下次预订无需输入❤订单状态☀不确定酒店是否预订成功? ——下单成功后会收到确认短信或酒店的确认电话☀想了解订单确认状态? ——进入 “我的订单” 查看订单实时状态❤收藏与分享这家酒店真心不错耶\(^o^)/~☀想要下次预订? ——将它收藏❤起来, 在收藏列表就能看到了☀想推荐给朋友们? ——分享到微博吧!欢迎和我们分享您的使用感受和提出宝贵的意见!☆官方新浪微博: @去哪儿无线☆去哪儿客服电话: (86-10)57603866Following the go travel to popular tourist applications in the Andrews, where net again effort to build a caring Travel Assistant: Where hotel!★ ★ ★ readily inquire about booking cheap hotels, the Special Reservation experts your hands! ★ ★ ★-------------------- Our advantage ---------------------Beautiful interface is colorful and easy to operate user interface[Massive hotel over 20,000 hotels online booking[Price] brings together the major booking website pricing[尾房 Special] night the special 尾房 6:00 snapped up[Convenient] anywhere you can complete the booking【Brand assurance】 to Qunar official applications------------------ Can use yo -------------------❤ positioning searchItinerary changes, you need to immediately find a hotel occupancy? - City Select "Location, location search your hotel aroundTo ❤ precise search☀ looking for destinations near the hotel? - Keyword selection, or the input landmark search, you can search by destination distance Sort hotels☀ search - keyword Select or enter an economic chain brand favored a chain brand hotel☀ romantic trip, looking for characteristics hotel? - Enter a keyword into the "sea view" "Holiday Inn" search❤ Filter OrderFiltered more in line with the needs of the hotel search results again set price distanceTo ❤ Hotels truth☀ do not understand the real situation of the hotel? - View hotel details rich pictures and commentaries from customers☀ I want broadband, hair dryer, non-smoking ... - hotel details service facilities clearly showTo ❤ route navigationUnfamiliar location, the hotel's location can not be found? - Into the hotel map Click hotel coordinate to find the route❤ surroundingSurrounded by delicious fun? - Surrounding intuitive to tell you!❤ Fast ReservationWant to quickly complete the booking - once orders to save the contact information, the next book without entering❤ Order StatusThe ☀ uncertain whether the hotel booking successful? - Successful orders will receive a confirmation SMS or confirmed by the hotel phone☀ want to know the status of an order confirmation? - Enter the "My orders" real-time status view ordersThe ❤ collection and sharingThis hotel is really good yeah \ (^ o ^) / ~The ☀ want next booking? - Favorite ❤ it up in the Favorites list will be able to see the☀ like to recommend to friends? - Share microblogging!Welcome to Share your feelings and put forward valuable opinions with us!☆ official Sina microblogging: @ go wireless☆ where customer service telephone: (86-10) 57603866

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