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名师学院 – 升學第一品牌

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Developer名師學院 (KUT,Inc.)
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升学数字教材第一品牌-「名师学院」App来了,继背单字 EngKing 英文单字王,英文每日C后寰宇知识科技正式授权制作,延揽全台补教界一流巨擘名师及专业研发制作团队共同完成。全科符合教育部最新课程、综合各大版本,精心打造完整丰富教学环境,并搭配大考趋势的教材题目,全面照顾同学们学习进度与复习的需求!Android「名师学院」分类集合了国文、英文、数学、地理、理化、物理、历史、化学、生物、自然、地科以及公民,提供学生全方位的学习影音课程。完整收录名师学院升高中、升大学全系列课程,提供完整教材试读,基测、学测等大考命题解析,以及补校界名师开讲等精彩影片。Android《名师学院》功能特色︰1.现在您也可以在 Android 上一窥名师学院精彩课程,打破以往在家学习限制,现在只要利用手机即可抢先取得专业名师解析大考准备方向,超前学习,节省读书时间,享有最佳教育资源。2.分类学习:所有课程依科目完整分类,以供快速寻找。,提供全方位的名师解析。3.学习不再是一个人,读乐乐不如一起众乐乐~,Android『名师学院』将带领你前往各大学院粉丝团,包括最新消息,升学动态、生活娱乐、休闲趣事、好康活动等各类信息,与亲朋好友一同分享学习经验。名师学院粉丝团: of digital teaching materials brand - "teacher College" by the worldwide knowledge of science and technology recruiting class full remedial education sector giant teacher and professional R & D production team to work together. General in line with the Ministry of Education curriculum, the major version, and carefully build a complete rich teaching environment, and with the teaching materials of the College Entrance Examination trend subject, take care of the students learning progress and review the needs ofNow you can glimpse into the wonderful teacher College course on Android, breaking the previous study at home to limit, as long as the use of mobile phones can be the first to the direction of professional teacher resolve exams to prepare to advance learning, saving time for reading, enjoy the best educational resources."Android teacher college" classification, a collection of Chinese, English, mathematics, geography, physics and chemistry, physics, history, chemical, biological, natural, earth science as well as civil and social, provide a full range of student learning and audio-visual course. The complete collection of elevated teacher College or University courses Shidu, based competency test and other exams proposition resolve to provide a complete teaching materials, as well as complement the school community teacher lecturing wonderful movie.Android teacher college "features ︰A broken home study restrictions in the past, as long as the use of mobile phones can be the first to obtain professional teacher resolve to learn measurement and refers to the test to prepare direction ahead of the learning, saving time for reading, enjoy the best educational resources.2 classification learning: all courses by subject area the complete classification for the Quick Find. Provide a full range of teacher resolve.Learning is no longer a person, read to celebrate together than with the public Lele ~, the Android "teacher college" will lead you to the major college numerous wire group, including the latest news, studies dynamic, live entertainment, leisure and interesting Biography , and other information with friends and family to share the learning experience.

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