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澳洲第二大城市墨尔本(Melbourne),是一座充满活力、热情友好,集时尚、文化、活动于一体的魅力城市。美食、美酒、美好的生活,数不尽的时髦咖啡屋与酒吧、艺术馆与博物馆、碧绿的城市花园、迷人的海滩景色,澳洲足球、板球、赛马节,所有的一切,都让你去了就不再想离开。相信您还记得2011年度风靡网络、各种媒体的 “旅游体验师”,旅游体验师是酷讯旅游网重金打造的旅游团专业评估人员,是旅游行业的一个新兴职位。 本期“旅游体验师推荐”之墨尔本旅游攻略是酷讯旅游网首席旅游体验师Nana为你倾情推荐的,内容都是来自Nana实地旅游整理,真实有效、简洁、实用!让您在最短的时间内用最经济的方式体验一个最真实的墨尔本!欢迎您下载体验,它会成为您旅游墨尔本的最佳助手,您值得拥有! 考虑您前往墨尔本自助游的需要,我们主要内容包含▲体验师倾情推荐的3日行走攻略;▲景点▲住宿▲餐饮▲不可错过之地▲城市实用信息▲周边旅游景点它让您轻松感受本地旅游精华!为您带来完美旅游体验此外为满足您的旅游全面的需求,我们还为您提供了酷讯旅游网开发的其他旅游相关应用,给您的出行带来全方位的贴心服务。为了使我们产品更加品质、更加出色,欢迎您为我们提供进一步的反馈。您的参与是我们前进的重要力量,感谢有您!官方网站:www.kuxun.cn意见反馈: mobile@kuxun.com关键词:旅行、墨尔本、澳大利亚、澳大利亚旅行、澳大利亚旅游、墨尔本旅行、墨尔本旅游、旅馆Australia's second largest city, Melbourne (Melbourne), is a vibrant, warm and friendly, set the fashion, culture, activities in one of the charm of the city. Food, wine, good life, countless trendy coffee shops and bars, art galleries and museums, green urban garden, lovely beach views, Australian football, cricket, horse racing festival, all let you go a not think of leaving.I believe you remember the 2011 annual swept the network, various media travel experience 'travel experience division is a tour professional evaluators Cool News Travel heavily built, is an emerging tourism industry jobs. The Current travel experience stylist recommended Melbourne Deals Cool News Travel Network chief travel experience 'Nana portrait you recommend content from the to Nana field travel finishing, real and effective, simple and practical! Let you in the shortest possible time with the most economical way to experience one of the most authentic Melbourne! Welcome your download experience, it will be the best assistant in Melbourne, you deserve! Consider you to Melbourne Walks the need, we mainly contains▲ the experience division portrait recommended the 3rd walking Raiders;▲ Attractions▲ accommodation▲ dining▲ land not to be missed▲ city utility informationThe ▲ surrounding attractionsIt makes it easy for you to feel the essence of local tourism! To bring you the perfect travel experienceIn addition, to meet the comprehensive needs of your travel, we also provide you with other travel-related application developed by Cool News Travel intimate to your trip to bring a full range of services.In order to make our products more quality, more excellent, welcome you to provide us with further feedback. Your participation is an important force us forward, grateful to have you!Official Website: www.kuxun.cnFeedback: mobile@kuxun.comKeywords:Travel, Melbourne, Australia, Australia Travel, Tourism Australia, Melbourne Travel Melbourne travel, hotels

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