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天翼客运通是中国电信广东公司为用户提供的手机购票应用。使用天翼客运通,足不出户,即可购买长途汽车票,方便快捷。天翼客运通致力解决客户旅行、春运时排队等购票的烦恼,帮助客户轻松查询、快速购买车票。天翼客运通目前可预售6日内广州、东莞、深圳等地市超过130家车站始发的省内外汽车票,票价与车站相同,客户可通过翼支付、支付宝、银行卡等方式支付票款。购买成功后,取票凭证以短信方式发送到取票人手机上,亦可在天翼客运通的“购买记录”中查询购票详情。购票成功后需提前前往始发站,通过珠江通自助取票机凭二代身份证自助打印车票,或于车站人工窗口凭身份证和取票信息中的取票号换取纸质车票。天翼客运通不提供退票功能,如需退票,需前往始发站换取纸质车票后,按照车站管理规定办理退票手续。如果对订单结果有疑虑,可致电96900号查询交易结果。The Tianyi passenger Through China Telecom Guangdong to provide users with mobile ticketing applications. Use the Tianyi the passenger through, stay at home, you can buy bus tickets, and convenient. The Tianyi passenger through efforts to resolve customer Travel, Spring Festival line up for trouble ticket help customers easily inquiries, buy tickets quickly.Tianyi passenger through the pre-sale 6 days in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other cities over 130 stations originating outside the province bus ticket, the fare with the same station, customers can pay through the wing, Paypal, bank card to pay the fare . Successful purchase tickets certificate to send a text message to the tickets on the phone, to query ticket details can also be Tianyi passenger through the "purchase history". After the success of the ticket needed access to the originating station, take the ticket machine self-print tickets, with the second generation ID card or artificial window at the station with the number of ID cards and tickets tickets in exchange for paper tickets by the Pearl River through self-help.Tianyi passenger pass does not provide a refund, obtain a refund for refund, need to go to the originating station in exchange for paper tickets, as provided in the station management. If in doubt, order results can call (96900) trading results.

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