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小V讲故事是一款免费的阅读、娱乐交友类软件,想一个人安静的时候,可以用小V看看故事,想和别人交流的时候,可以在小V看看大家的日记和愿望,和其他用户进行互动。1. 小V目前已经准备了六千多个笑话、一万多个糗事、三千多个脑筋急转弯、两千多个鬼故事、两千多个星座、一千多个趣味测试等等17个分类的内容,并且还在不断更新中。2. “V友日记”是一个属于你的私密空间,你可以毫无顾虑的宣泄内心的情绪,而不用担心被认识的人发现。3. “愿望墙”是一个许愿的地方,许下自己的愿望,得到大家足够的祝福,愿望就会成长结果,最后能收获功能强大的道具。4. 在“交换相册”,你可以创建自己的相册,并通过交换的方式和其他用户进行互换。4. 小V已经准备了“猜数字”、“买房计”、“天气大战”三个耐玩的小游戏等你来玩,并且小游戏还在不断添加中。【重要:】小V是一个桌面插件,因此要加载到桌面上使用,并且桌面插件只能安装在手机内存,不能装到SD卡里,否则在桌面插件列表里会找不到小V。Small V storytelling is a free reading the entertainment the Personals class software, want a quiet time, you can look at the story of a small V and interact with others, they can look at everyone's diaries and aspirations in a small V and interact with other users.1 small V has prepared more than six thousand jokes, more than ten thousand embarrassments over three thousand Riddles ghost stories of more than two thousand constellation of more than two thousand, more than a thousand interesting test, etc. 17 classification, and is constantly updated.V Friends of the diary "is a part of your private space, you can give vent to their inner emotions without hesitation, without having to worry about understanding people found.3 "wish wall" is a vow, promised their desire to get enough blessing desire will grow results, finally able to reap the powerful props.4. Exchange Album ", you can create your own album, and by way of exchange and other user interchangeable.4 small V ready to "Guess the Number", "buy a house meter," Weather Wars "three playable game you play, and in small game continues to add.[Important: Use a small V is a desktop plug-ins to be loaded to the desktop, and the desktop plug can only be installed in phone memory, can not be installed to the SD card, otherwise will not find a small V desktop plugin list.

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