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彼岸,无法原谅的青春伤痕年少的爱,从来不问来处。“比郭敬明更细腻悲伤的,比安妮宝贝更冰冷绝望的,比张悦然更华丽绝美的,是梅吉的《彼岸》”——著名书评人 小宝当风扑面而来的时候,他们的青春却渐行渐远了……那些深浅的脚印,那些欢喜和眼泪,那些伤害和疼痛,却永远地留在了心里。当我们站在这里,望向身后的时候,是岁月静好的模样。这便是我们的成长,是我们,曾共同拥有过的青春。素小暖是普通的大三女生,有一个青梅竹马却看似“花心”的男友苏允诺。平静的生活被从宾夕法尼亚大学来的交换生林熏默和他的女友苏岚打破,尘封已久的记忆被打开。十六岁的素小暖和好友夏络绎、苏允诺踏入了高中生活,在入学考试的时候遇到了林熏默,两人产生过节,素小暖在抵触中却发现自己喜欢上了林熏默,她开始了狂热而执着的追逐,像一只泥鳅一样钻进林熏默的生活里,而林熏默始终属于被动的一方,最终沉默地接受了素小暖的追求。===========================================================Primary Category BooksSubcategory NovelsSubcategory Keywords 梅吉,明日工作室, 嗨森, 彼岸Copyright 明日工作室股份有限公司Contact Email Address other side, could not forgive the youth scarsYoung love never asked whence you came."GJM delicate sadness Bian Ni the baby more cold despair more than Yueran gorgeous beautiful Meggie" other side "- the famous book reviewer AndyWhen the wind is blowing from the time of their youth was getting ever further away ... those shades of footprints, those of joy and tears of those hurt and pain, but it will always remain in my heart.When we stand here, look behind when, years of quiet good appearance.This is what we grow, we have jointly owned youth.Prime small warm is the the ordinary junior girls, a childhood seemingly "Mahogany" boyfriend Su promised. Quiet life exchange students from the University of Pennsylvania to forest smoked silent and his girlfriend Su Lan broken, dusty memory is opened.Summer and an endless stream of 16-year-old prime small warm friends, the Soviet Union promised to step into the high school entrance examination when encountered in the forest smoked silent, they produce the holidays, prime small warm like they find themselves in conflict with the forest smoked silent She began fanatical and persistent chase like a loach got into the life of the forest smoked silent forest smoked Farmer always belong to the passive party, and ultimately accepted a the prime small warm the pursuit silence.================================================== =========Primary Category BooksSubcategory NovelsSubcategoryKeywords Meggie studio tomorrow, Hi Sen, EsqCopyright tomorrow Studio Co., Ltd.Contact Email Address

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