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最受期待的才女作家梅吉,最新温柔力作!《最后的吻别》他们认识的时候,她在失恋,而她不再失恋的时候,他们已永远无法遇见。无论文字还是故事,梅吉都是高手,一转再转的故事情节,主人公跌宕起伏的命运,让人的心深深地纠结,舒展,再纠结,最后终于看得见阳光。这种感觉像极了冬日里的太阳,慢慢地突破云雾,终于,正常升起。——读者:妖精我是在生日当天认识梅吉的,那天下着雨,思考着要怎么度过这愉快的一天呢?于是我翻到一本杂志上梅吉的文,读完的时候,我满脸泪水心里蜿蜒沉重,却也轻舟过山能会心笑出来。我想是梅吉告诉我,每一个女孩子都应该独立。我是怎样长大的,我愿意和热爱梅吉的每一个朋友分享。——读者:将妮梅吉在她的文字里下了蛊,只一眼,我便再也尢法割离…… ——读者:似水===========================================================Primary Category BooksSubcategory NovelsSubcategory Keywords 梅吉,明日工作室, 嗨森, 最后的吻别Copyright 明日工作室股份有限公司Contact Email Address anticipated before authoress of Meggie, Latest gentle masterpiece! "Last kiss"They know when her romance, she no longer wanted to take the time, they could never meet.Text or story, Meggie are a master, a turn sub-plot of the story, the hero of the ups and downs of fate, the people's heart deeply entangled, stretch, and then tangle finally visible Sunshine. This feeling like most of the winter sun, slowly breaking through the clouds, and finally, the normal rise. - Readers: goblinI was met at the birthday Meggie, it was raining, thinking how to spend a pleasant day? So I turn to a magazine Meggie text when reading, my face was wet with tears and my heart meandering heavy, but also canoes mountain knowing laugh. I think Meggie tell me that every girl should be independent. How I grew up, I am willing to share with a friend of heat Ai Meiji. - Readers: niMeggie under the poison in her words, only one, I will no longer particularly cut from ... - readers: watery================================================== =========Primary Category BooksSubcategory NovelsSubcategoryKeywords Meggie, tomorrow studio Hi Sen, the last goodbyeCopyright tomorrow Studio Co., Ltd.Contact Email Address

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