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大雨警報などの、気象警報・注意報が発表された際に通知するアプリです。警報・注意報の解除も通知できます。通知対象のエリアは複数登録できるので、キャンプや登山、旅行などでも気象警報の発表有無を確認できます。ゴルフ場にいて雷注意報の発表が通知されれば、早めに非難することもできます。発表中の警報・注意報は、ツイッターでつぶやくことやメール送信が可能です。通知対象エリアは気象庁から発表されている市区町村単位まで可能です。(都道府県単位、地方単位でも通知可能です。)詳細情報は気象庁ホームページへのリンクにて確認できます。気象警報・注意報の種類は以下です。【警報】大雨,洪水,暴風,暴風雪,大雪,波浪,高潮【注意報】大雨,洪水,強風,風雪,大雪,波浪,高潮,雷,融雪,濃霧,乾燥,なだれ,低温,霜,着氷,着雪※警報・注意報の対象エリアは日本国内のみです。※電波状況によりデータが取得できない場合があります。※天気予報機能はありません。※タスクキラー等で本アプリを終了させてしまうと自動更新が解除されます。ご注意ください。[情報取得元]・気象庁ウェブサイト☆有料版もあります☆有料版には広告がありません。他にもアプリを作っていますでは操作説明の動画を配信中で最新情報をつぶやいています!/intri_androidFacebookもありますアメーバブログです is an application that notifies when such heavy rain warning, weather warning and advisory was announced. I can also be notified of cancellation warning and advisory.Area to be notified can be more than one registration, I can confirm the presence or absence of announcement weather warning climbing and camping, etc. also travel.You can also announced thunderstorm advisory if it is notified are in the golf course, to blame as soon as possible.Warning and advisory announced during, e-mail can be sent and that send out a tweet.City units have been announced from Japan Meteorological Agency is possible until notified area.(It is possible notification each prefecture, in the provincial units.)I can confirm the link to the Japan Meteorological Agency website for more information.Type of weather warning and advisory is as follows.[Alarm]Heavy rain, floods, wind storms, blizzards, heavy snow, waves, storm surge[Warning]Heavy rain, flooding, high winds, wind and snow, heavy snow, waves, storm surges, lightning, snow melting, dense fog, dry, avalanches, cold, frost, ice, snow accretion※ target area of ​​the warning and advisory is only in Japan.※ There is the case that data can not be obtained by the radio wave condition.※ There is no weather forecast function.※ Automatic Updates is released and would quit the app such as task killer. Please note[Retrieve information]· Japan Meteorological Agency website☆ There is also a paid version ☆There are no ads in the paid version.Http:// that I make the app to otherThe delivery of videos operation description on YouTubeHttps:// #! / Intri_android, it has not been tweeting the latest information on TwitterHttp:// There is also FacebookHttp:// is amoeba blog

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