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永豐行動銀行彈指之間運籌千萬只要輕點手機,就可進行轉帳,查詢您在本行的帳戶,信用卡,即時匯率,分行/ ATM的據點等資訊;當然還讓您輕鬆@好康及感受輕鬆便利的生活!功能特色※銀行服務:提供完整的銀行服務功能,即時查詢資產資訊及轉帳付款!節省交易時間、掌握資產資訊,投資理財更加方便靈活。→銀行總覽:提供即時帳戶餘額、當日交易明細、往來交易明細、外幣組合存款明細等。→基金總覽:提供基金庫存明細總覽。→約定轉帳:預先書面約定轉帳功能及帳號,透過手機即可轉帳。→非約定轉帳:申請非約定轉帳及簡訊動態密碼功能,即可透過手機轉帳,另提供「常用非約定帳號」設定功能,不會按錯帳號,讓您轉帳交易更便利。→動態密碼功能啟用。※信用卡服務→信用卡帳戶總覽:提供信用卡消費及紅利等資訊。→信用卡帳戶查詢:提供近三期帳單及未結帳帳單查詢。→信用卡繳款功能:隨時利用手機繳納信用卡費用。※證券服務:提供永豐金證劵庫存明細及總覽。※永豐牌告→提供本行各項即時利率、匯率資訊、黃金牌價。※記帳服務:提供簡易的記帳服務及常用記帳項目點選,只要手機在手,隨時紀錄消費狀況,掌握資金流向。※生活便利資訊免費提供「行」的便捷生活資訊,包含:→公車資訊:台北市公車到站資訊查詢。→停車資訊:台北市立停車場空位查詢。→高鐵、台鐵時刻表:班次及時刻表查詢。※@好康→結合定位功能查詢最近距離的優惠商店。→提供路線導引直達最想到的目標商店。→信用卡優惠、紅利加倍一目了然。※客戶服務→提供離現在位置最近分行及ATM的地址,實體導引到達分行/ATM位置。→提供24小時全天候不打烊的客服電話,按下按鍵,立即轉接客服,迅速確實。※訊息通知:隨時給您本行各項最優惠服務及帳戶訊息。※理財專區 →掌握金融脈動是投資理財最重要的致勝關鍵,理財專區提供最新、最即時的全球金融消息,讓您掌握永豐即掌握全球財經!※行動購物: →提供與您生活息息相關最優質商店之選擇,讓您立即享有商品優惠與購物新體驗。(目前本服務暫支援Android 4.1以上版本之智慧型手機。)Yongfeng logistics 10 million mobile banking at your fingertipsTap the phone, you can transfer, check your Bank accounts, credit cards, real-time exchange ratesBranch / ATM stronghold information; course allows you to easily @ great savings and feel relaxed and convenient living!Features※ banking services: provide a full range of banking services, real-time to check asset information and transfer payment! Transaction time-saving, the master asset information, finance and investment more convenient and flexible.→ Bank Overview: Provides real-time account balance, date of transaction details, the details of intercompany transactions, foreign currency portfolios deposit details.→ Fund Overview: Overview of the fund inventory details.→ convention transfer: agreed in writing in advance of the transfer function and account by phone to transfer.→ non-consensual transfers: transfers and SMS dynamic password feature, you can apply for non-consensual transfers through mobile phones, another commonly used non-convention "Account" setting function, not pressed the wrong account, allowing you to transfer transactions more convenient.→ dynamic password feature is enabled.※ credit card services→ credit card account Overview: Provides information such as credit card and bonus.→ credit card account inquiries: nearly three billing and Checkout billing inquiries.→ credit card payment function: using their mobile phones to pay credit card fees.※ Securities Services: SinoPac Securities inventory detail and overview.※ Yongfeng's board→ Bank instant interest rates, exchange information, gold premium.※ bookkeeping services: simple bookkeeping services and common billing project click, as long as the cell phone in hand, ready to record the consumption situation, grasp the flow of funds.※ living Convenience informationFree "line" convenient life information, including:→ Bus information: Taipei City bus arrival information query.→ Parking Information: the Taipei Municipal Parking space query.→ High Speed ​​Rail, Taiwan Railway Timetable: the frequency and schedule of query.※ _AT_, Fashion.→ combined with features inquiries recently from discount stores.→ provide route guidance directly to the most think of Target stores.→ Credit Card Offers, bonus doubled glance.※ Customer Service→ entity guide to reach from the nearest branch and ATM address, branch / ATM location.→ customer service calls 24 hours a day is not closing, press the button, call customer service immediately, really quickly.※ message notification: ready to give you the Bank's prime services and account information.※ forums→ grasp the financial pulse of the most important key to success in the investment banking, wealth management area to provide the most up-to-date, real-time global financial news, so you grasp the Yongfeng grasp global financial* Actions Shopping:→ with your life is closely related to the selection of the best quality stores, allowing you to immediately enjoy the goods! Shopping experience. (This service is currently support Android 4.1 smartphone.)

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