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公告:由于泡泡云服务器升级,在4月22日到5月5日期间,可能会影响到手机客户端访问泡泡云,届时请关注新版本客户端,更新 后即可正常访问!请谅解~泡泡云把你所有的数据集中在一起,使您能很方便地随时随地对您的数据进行访问,它帮助您在个人计算机里建立起一个只属于您的云服务,把您的个人计算机打造成一个云服务器,既可以储存自己的檔,也可以把本地计算机里的文件同步上传到服务器里,还可以把檔分享给好友,恭喜您成功安装泡泡云客户端,下一步您还需要到以下网址 下载泡泡云PC端。安装完成后注册成为泡泡云用户。 主要功能:1、远程访问* 随时随地远程访问你的檔(文檔、照片等)* 商务差旅,外出办事,只需一部手机,即可从容的调取办公室里PC的所有数据* 大数据可利用高速的本地网络来传输。2、一键分享* 一键分享你的文文件、照片和音乐给朋友* 不需上传,即可分享。* 集成常用社交网络,可将共享发布到你的个人主页(微博、人人、开心等)3、无限存储* 为你的手机、平板等移动设备提供无法想象的超大存储空间。* 可根据自己需要进行扩容4、实时备份* 方便快捷的备份手机联系人、短信和通话记录,让你的数据安全无忧* 同步手机上的文檔、照片到泡泡云PC端。* 设备(PC、手机)间的数据同步* 一键备份/恢复或者同步5、家庭媒体中心* 自动组织管理你的照片、音乐、电影* 轻松创建photo gallery,并与朋友分享。* 提供Streaming服务,可在浏览器或者手机上远程播放PC端的音乐和视频。6、信息安全可靠* 资料和服务由你一手掌控,完全没有隐私和泄密问题的烦恼* 自己保管不会泄露任何隐私数据。Notice: Due to bubble cloud server upgrades, April 22 to May 5 date, it may affect client access to the phone bubble cloud, then please pay attention to the new version of the client, the updated normal visit! Please understand ~Bubble cloud put all your data together, so you can easily carry your data anywhere, anytime access, it helps you build a personal computer where only part of your cloud services, build your personal computer into a cloud server can either save your own files, you can put the local computer where the file synchronization uploaded to the server where the files can also be shared to friends, Congratulations, you have successfully installed bubble cloud client, the next step you need to the following URL bubble cloud PC client download. After installation is complete to register as bubble cloud users.Main features:1, remote access* Anytime, anywhere remote access to your files (documents, photos, etc.)* Business travel, errands, just a cell phone, you can calmly retrieved all the data in the office PC* Large high-speed data can be transmitted to a local network.2, a key share* A key share your text files, photos and music to a friend* Do not need to upload, and share it.* Integrated commonly used social networks, you can publish to share your personal homepage (microblogging, everyone, happy, etc.)3, unlimited storage* For your mobile phone, tablet and other mobile devices can not imagine the large storage space.* Can be expanded according to their needs4, real-time backup* Convenient backup phone contacts, text messages and call records, so your data is secure* Sync phone documents, photos to bubble cloud PC client.* Device (PC, mobile) data synchronization between* A key backup / restore or synchronize5, home media centers* Automatic organization and management of your photos, music, movies* Easily create a photo gallery, and share with friends.* Provide Streaming service in a browser or mobile phone remote playback on the PC side of music and video.6, information security and reliable* Information and services to you hand control, there is no worry about privacy and disclosure issues* Their custody will not disclose any private data.

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