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爱途迹,轻松写游记,有声,有色,有轨迹!只有一直走才会知道,这世上还有那么多未曾相遇的风景!世界,在你的脚下;爱途迹,记录你世界!*这里的图片,可能不是最精美的,但一定是最真实、最独特、最有态度的;*这里的故事,可能不是最精采的,但一定是最有深度、最具个性的和情感的1) 记录你的旅程:那些一生可能只见一次的美景,怎么捨得遗忘?用图片、声音和轨迹,记录你的旅途,让记忆不再糢糊!我们强调用户真实视野的錶达,希望看到你眼中的世界!同一个世界,不同的风景!2) 语音备注用镜头记录生活,用声音来描述心情! 我们相信:图片背后的故事,才是最有价值和生命的!业界独创的、备受用户追捧的手机语音备注,让你用带有情绪的声音,来自由畅快的、随时随地来表达你心情! 3) 分享可以将途迹分享到新浪、腾讯微博,微信好友、微信朋友圈,以最轻松的方式分享你眼中的世界,展现你精采的生活。4) 粉丝、关主和动态消息粉丝:让你知道你影响了多少人的生活,多少人通过你的视野和观点,了解着世界!关主:毫不犹豫的关注你的好友、旅游达人把,第一时间了解他的最新动态、欣赏他们的旅游故事,感受他们眼中的世界!5) 聚焦、想去你计划去国外度假吗? 或周末计划出去爬山涉水吗? 或计划骑著自行车,来个一天环城游,或约上闺蜜,逛街购物? 你可以刘览他人的精采的旅程线路及攻略,为自己游山玩水寻找最简捷的方式。6) 10g免费云空间提供10g免费、超大云存储空间,珍藏你的旅游故事!支持公开、私有和仅好友可见三种权限设置,有力保护您的隐私!7) 轻松拍使用手机自带的拍照软件,自由随意的拍照。软件会自动把照片整理到你的旅途中,使用超级爽!Love passers track easily travel writing, audio, nonferrous metals, track!Only been walking will know, in this world there are so many had not met the scenery!The world at your feet; love passers-track, record your world!* The picture here, may not be the most beautiful, but it must be the most real, the most unique, most attitude;* Here's the story, it may not be the most exciting, but it must be the most profound, the most personality and emotional1) Record your journey:Those life might saw beauty, how willing forgotten?With pictures, sound and track record of your journey, so that memory is no longer fuzzy!We emphasize that the expression of the user's real vision, hope to see you in the eyes of the world! The same world, different scenery!2) Voice MemoUsed the camera to record the life and voice to describe the mood!We believe: that the picture behind the story, is the most valuable and life!Industry's original, highly the user sought after mobile phone voice notes to make you emotional voice free fun anytime, anywhere to express your mood!3) SharePassers track Share to Sina, Tencent microblogging, micro-channel Friends, a micro the letter circle of friends, you in the eyes of the world to share the most relaxing way to show you a wonderful life.4) Fans, Off Lord and dynamic messageFans: to let you know that you affect the lives of many people, how many people through your horizons and perspectives to understand the world!Off the master: the attention of your friends did not hesitate to travel up the first time about his latest dynamic appreciate their travel stories, feel them in the eyes of the world!5) Focus, want to go toDo you plan to spend the holidays abroad it? Weekend plans to go out climbing wading it? Riding a bike or plan a one day city tour, or about girlfriends shopping?You can of Liu browse others exciting journey line and the Raiders for their own sightseeing tour to find the most simple way.6) 10g free cloud spaceProvides 10g free large cloud storage space, to treasure your travel story!Support for public, private and only friends can see three permission settings, and effectively protect your privacy!7) easily beatThe phone comes with camera software, freedom arbitrarily camera. Software will automatically put the photo finishing your journey, use the super cool!

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