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6月6日到6月12日,下载百度团购手机版尽享满69减11超值优惠! ===================================================百度为您精心打造的百度团购App,让您可以随时随地地掌握本地最全和最高品质的团购和优惠;在百度团购您可以尽情浏览数百家站点的团单;通过附近、检索、排序您可以非常便捷地找到心仪的团单;在百度团购您将获得最流畅的支付体验;一键关注、收藏、购买功能让您更方便掌控实惠。【特色功能】1.首页团购,包含丰富多样的团购商品,从美食到酒店,应有尽有2.附近团购,查看距离周边的商户及团购3.支付功能,合作站点团单您可以直接支付购买;4.个人中心,随时查看收藏,购买的团购或者抽奖等记录;5.活动专题,您将看到惊爆团单层出不穷;6.团购搜索,让您最快速最便捷找到您所需要的团购;7.2g/3g环境下切换无图模式,网络不好时可更快速打开页面,也更节约您的流量;June 6 to June 12, buy mobile version download Baidu enjoy full 69 minus 11 deals! ================================================== =Baidu Baidu carefully crafted for you to buy the App, so you can grasp anywhere locally most complete and highest quality deals and offers; You can indulge in Baidu buy browse hundreds of sites single group; through the neighborhood, searching, sorting your can be very easy to find your favorite single group; in Baidu buy you will get the smoothest payment experience; a key concern, collection, purchase feature allows you to more easily control affordable.【Features】1 Home buy, buy goods containing rich and varied, from gourmet to the hotel, everything2 near buy, view from the surrounding businesses and buy3 payment function, single-group partner sites you can simply pay the purchase;4 Personal centers, always check collection, purchase buy or sweepstakes and other records;5. Campaign theme, you will see one after another shocking group;6 buy search, allowing you to find the fastest and most convenient buy what you need;7.2g/3g context switching No chart patterns, the network is not good when open pages faster and more saving your traffic;

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