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スマートフォンで税金計算を楽しく簡単に!確定申告、給与計算、賞与計算、年末調整、法人税、消費税、減価償却、法人税、相続税・贈与税、各種税額表、シュミレーションなど機能満載の税金計算用のandroidアプリです。スマートフォンのプロ、税金のプロが共同設計しました!・見やすいデザインとインターフェイス!・税金支払い額の比較シュミレーション!・他に給与計算、年末調整なども!・クライアント管理で複数保存可能!★見やすいデザインとユーザーインターフェイス!★確定申告から法人税まで個人・法人問わず利用可能!★その場で税金のシュミレーションができる機能満載!★顧客情報ごとに管理、計算結果をメール送信できる!搭載機能は確定申告、給与計算、賞与計算、年末調整、法人税、消費税、減価償却、法人税、相続税・贈与税、各種税額表、シュミレーション他、年次毎にバージョンアップを行います。有料版は近日公開予定。■無料版の制限事項・クライアント登録はできません。・計算結果の保存、メール送信はできません。・各機能に金額の制限があります。【所得税】→確定申告利用不可→給与計算:支給額30万円以下→賞与計算:上同→年末調整:給与支給額300万円以下【法人税】→税引前当期利益400万円以下【消費税】→消費税額5万円以下【減価償却】→取得金額100万円以下【相続税・贈与税】→相続税:相続財産額8000万円以下→贈与税→課税贈与額300万円以下→宅地の評価(路線価方式):地区区分が繁華街地区固定【退職金計算】→退職金計算:退職金500万円以下→失業保険計算:賃金30万円以下→離職票の日数計算:制限なし【シミュレーション】→個人vs法人:所得金額500万円以下→年収から所得計算:制限なし→ローン計算:借入希望額1000万円以下→借入限度額計算:年収100万円以下→手取りから給与計算:手取額20万円【各種税額表】→制限なし【その他の機能】→制限なしFun and easy on your smartphone! Your tax calculationIt is a android app for Tax Calculation feature-packed final return, payroll, bonus calculation, year-end adjustment, income tax, consumption tax, depreciation, income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, tax table variety, such as simulation. Pro smartphone, co-designed by tax professionals!Interface design and easy-to-read!And simulation comparison of tax payments!· Other payroll, as well as year-end adjustment!• Can store multiple client management!★ User interface design and easy-to-read!★ available regardless of personal and corporate income tax from tax return to!★ feature-packed that allows simulation of tax on the spot!★ manage each customer information, you can email the result!The board functions we perform the upgrade tax return, payroll, bonus calculation, year-end adjustment, income tax, consumption tax, depreciation, income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, tax table, various other simulations, each year. The paid version will be available soon.■ Restrictions on free versionRegistration, the client will not be able to.Storage and calculation results, can not send mail.• There is a limit of the amount of each function.[Income tax]→ not available tax return→ Payroll: Less than $ 300 000 grant amount→ bonus calculation: on the same→ Adjust the end of the year: 3 million yen or less amount of pay[Corporate tax]→ Less than $ 4 million pre-tax net income[Sales tax]→ 50 000 yen or less consumption tax[Depreciation]→ Less than $ 1 million acquisition amount[] Inheritance tax and gift tax→ inheritance tax: 80 million yen or less amount of heritage→ 3 million yen or less amount of gift tax gift tax →→ (land tax assessment system) evaluation of residential land divisions: district downtown district fixedRetirement allowance calculation []→ calculate severance pay: Less than $ 5 million severance payment→ Calculate unemployment insurance: 300,000 yen or less wages→ Calculate the number of days separation notice: no limit[Simulation]→ Corporate vs Personal: 5 million yen or less amount of income→ compute income from annual income: no limit→ Loan Calculator: 10 million yen or less desired amount of borrowing→ compute aggregate borrowing limit: Less than $ 1 million annual income→ payroll from net income: € 200 000 take-home payVarious tax table []→ no limit[Other functions]→ no limit

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