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天王盖地虎,小鸡炖蘑菇!!糗事百科----快乐就是要建立在别人的痛苦之上!糗百你懂得!官方应用太大,太耗内存?不能离线阅读?不方便分享?广告太多?没有码?无法注册?一个手机只能注册一个账户?试试这个清凉版本吧,绝对让您看糗事,无忧虑! 1、完全原生界面,更流畅,更快速,更美观,无广告! 2、可以无码注册了,步兵也能上战场!你懂的。 3、注册时支持大变身!一个手机也可以注册多个账户,试试你就知道!4、实现一键缓存,离线阅读,节省您宝贵流量!5、一键分享功能6、一键复制糗事到剪贴板关键词Keyword:QQ 新浪微博 口袋微博 腾讯微博 玩转四方 街旁 小米分享 搜狗输入法更有内容 比美女壁纸 性感铃声更给力 360手机卫士 短信拦截 来电拦截 垃圾短信过滤 木马查杀 安全 手机杀毒 流量监控 流量统计 软件管理 进程管理 系统清理 电话本备份 电话防火墙 手机防盗 ip拨号 归属地查询 快速拨号 通讯录备份King of the earth tiger, chicken mushroom stew! !Embarrassments Encyclopedia ---- happiness is to be built on the suffering of others! Qiu 100 you know!The official application is too large, memory consumption too? Can not read it offline? The inconvenient Share? Too many ads? There is no code? Not registered? A cell phone can only register an account? Try this cool version of it, absolutely let you see the embarrassments, no worries! A completely native interface, smoother, faster, more beautiful, no ads! 2, Code, and the infantry on the battlefield! You know. Registration support Makeovers! A cell phone can also register multiple accounts, try you know!4, to achieve a key cache for offline reading, saving you valuable traffic!5, a key sharing6, a key copy embarrassments to the clipboardKeywords Keyword:Sogou input method QQ Sina microblogging pocket microblogging Tencent microblogging Fun Square Street next to the millet to share more content to force more than beautiful wallpaper sexy Ringtones 360 mobile guards SMS intercept call blocking spam messages filtered Trojan killing the security mobile anti-virus traffic monitoring traffic statistics software management process management system clean-up phone book backup, firewall mobile security ip dial attribution to inquiries speed dial address book backup

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