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本应用功能特点:1.强大实用的设置,任意调整字体大小,颜色等;2.书签,历史等功能使您无断点地阅读;3.支持任何屏幕尺寸,即使平板也可正常阅读4.在第一次进入时,您需要打开网络才能下载所需5.内容阅读,您只需要下载一次,以后没有网络也能阅读羞涩娇嫩的她,无助地承受着他的狂肆,恩爱缠绵,销魂蚀骨,她为他绽放自己的美,他对她许下一生一世的承诺。他深邃的双眸情欲未退,薄唇凑到她耳畔,爱意绵绵地轻舔着她小巧的耳垂,“小东西,我爱你,我的身体也永远只爱你!”她媚眼如丝,经爱欲洗礼后变得更绝美迷人的小脸绽出了幸福甜蜜的笑。珍贵的初夜,痛并快乐着,其实不只是初夜,她几乎所有的第一次都给了他,只因他是她爱入骨髓、爱到不顾一切的男人。三年,一千多个日夜,对他的爱从未停止,还愈发的深。然而再次相遇,于他而言,她,只是一个陌路人。她躲在暗处,偷偷看着他那更加俊美绝伦的面容,心,醉了,同时,也碎了。This application features:A powerful and practical set arbitrarily adjust the font size, color, etc.;Bookmarks, history breakpoint to read;3. Supports any screen size, even if the tablet can be properly read4 in the first entry, you need to open the network to download requiredContent reading, you only need to download it again, after the network also can readHer shy and delicate and helpless under his Kuangsi, loving lingering ecstasy osteoclasts her own beauty bloom for him, he promised to her lifelong commitment. His deep eyes lust did not retire, the thin lips conspire she ears, loving licking her tiny earlobe, small things, I love you, my body will always love you! "She winks such as wire after Eros baptism becomes more beautiful and charming the little face Zhanchu happy and sweet smile. Precious first night, pain and happiness, in fact, not just the first night, almost all of her first gave him, just because he is her love of the marrow love to desperate man. Three years, more than 1,000 the night of love for him never stopped, but also the more deep. However, again met him, she is just a stranger. Her hiding in the dark, secretly watching him more handsome and exquisite face, heart, drunk, at the same time, it is broken.

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