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豆瓣阅读专注于高质量的数字内容,提供小说、美食、旅行、科幻等不同类型的超过两千种图书与作品,其中包括1.99元阅读时间在2小时左右的短作品以及近百部免费作品(暂时不想花钱也没关系 ^_^)。这些内容来源于众多优秀个人作者,以及广西师大、人大、中信、新星等知名出版社。豆瓣阅读 Android 应用拥有极佳的阅读体验,字体、版式、插图、公式都经过悉心处理。新版本已经添加了作品商店,支持从作品挑选到购买阅读的一站式服务。欢迎关注我们的微博、微信,及时获得作品推荐和应用更新的相关消息。微博地址: ;微信公众号:豆瓣阅读。主要功能特点1. 集成作品商店,拥有超过一千种优秀的图书和个人作品,包括近百种免费作品。2. 优秀的阅读体验,精心选择的字体,排版细节也经过悉心处理。3. 未登录用户也能浏览商店,添加免费及试读作品。4. 离线阅读,与其他设备同步阅读进度。5. 阅读中可以分享至豆瓣、微博;阅读后撰写评论和评价,与他人一起讨论。6. 欢迎访问 获得更多信息。The watercress read focus on high-quality digital content, novels, food, travel, science fiction more than two thousand kinds of different types of books and works, including short works of 1.99 yuan read in about 2 hours and about 100 works ( temporarily do not want to spend money it does not matter ^ _ ^). From the many outstanding individual authors, and Guangxi Normal University, the National People's Congress, CITIC, Nova well-known publishers.Watercress Android application has an excellent reading experience, fonts, layout, illustrations, formulas have been carefully. The new version has added work shops, buy-to-read one-stop service to support selected from the works.Welcome to focus on the micro-blog, micro-channel, timely access to the works, and apply the update message. Microblogging Address:; public number of the micro-letter: watercress read the.Main features1. Integration work shops, with over one thousand kinds of books and personal works, including nearly 100 works.Excellent reading experience, well-chosen fonts, layout details after careful handling.3. Unregistered users can browse the shops, add free and probation work.4 offline reading, reading progress synchronization with other devices.5 Reading can share to watercress, microblogging; Read After Write a review and evaluation, with others, to discuss.Welcome for more information

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