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车托帮路况电子狗是国内唯一的社会化导航应用,拥有全国最全最准的电子狗数据库,为用户提供最新最及时的路况信息,更有路况吐槽、HUD投影等特色功能,好用又好玩。使用车托帮,出行更便捷!使用车托帮,不再有违章!全国600万高尚车主的行车好帮手,荣获腾讯公司评选的“2012-2013年最优秀移动应用”大奖。产品优势:1、车主社交-随时查看身边车友,一键分享行车心情!2、实时路况-六百万用户共同奉献,最新最实时!3、离线地图-无需联网即可享用,省钱省流量!还支持断点续传。4、电子狗-60万条电子眼信息,全程语音播报,全国最全最准。5、投影导航-全国最早推出,可将导航信息投射到挡风玻璃,夜间导航更便捷。6、违章查询:违章信息自动推送,快捷查询违章信息。7、超级定位:全新混合定位技术带来0.2秒超快速精准定位的超级体验!8、云端更新:云端服务器实时更新,保障数据最新最准,无需手动下载升级包;9、自由路线:支持用户自定义驾驶路线,我的地图我做主。多种路线选择,回家路途更畅通10、轻松分享:随时随地分享位置/路况/心情,一键同步至新浪、腾讯微博,轻松展现行车生活;欢迎广大用户给我们提供宝贵意见:客服QQ群:294650019;更多信息请上车托帮官网;Car care help traffic electronic dog is the only social navigation application, with the country's most accurate and most complete database of electronic dog, to provide users with the latest and most timely traffic information, more traffic Tucao, HUD projection features, easy to use and fun. Help with car care, travel more convenient! Use of car care help, no more illegal!6,000,000 noble owners nationwide road a good helper, won Tencent vote "the best mobile applications 2012-2013" award.Product advantages:1, the owner of social networking - always see around bikers, share a key driving mood!2, real-time traffic - six million users and common dedication, the latest and most real-time!3, offline map - you can enjoy without networking, save money flow! Also supports HTTP.4, electronic dog -60 ten thousand electronic eye information, full voice broadcast, the country's most accurate and most complete.5, the projection navigation - the country's first launch, navigation information can be projected onto the windshield, night navigation more convenient.6, illegal queries: illegal information is automatically pushed, quick check illegal information.7, Super Location: New hybrid positioning technology to bring 0.2 seconds ultra-fast and precise positioning of the super experience!8, Cloud update: Cloud server real-time updates, the latest and most accurate data security, without having to manually download the upgrade package;9, free line: support user-defined driving route, I am the master map. Choose a variety of routes, more smooth journey home10 Easy Share: Share location anywhere / road / mood, a key synchronized to Sina, Tencent microblogging, easy to show lane life;Users are welcome to give us valuable advice: Customer Service QQ group: 294 650 019;For more information please visit the official website to help car care:;

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