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遠東商銀「行動銀行」為提供您生活的理財服務, 首創推出『跨幣別匯率換算』、『接通我的理專服務』, 同時也結合遠東集團各項優惠, 除了讓您輕鬆掌握個人財務狀況、及即時理財訊息外, 也享有更多生活優惠資訊與好康, 讓您生活理財「一指就通」!軟體特色:1.便利的轉帳/繳費:提供線上轉帳、繳交本行信用卡、繳交遠傳電信費、繳交稅款...等服務功能, 讓您有更便捷的交易通路選擇, 幫您節省跑分行與等候的時間。2.完整的帳務查詢:提供臺幣、外幣、基金、信用卡、貸款等帳戶總覽與餘額查詢,方便您隨時管理個人財務資訊。3.多元的金融資訊:提供即時大盤指數及漲跌幅資訊、利率、匯率、基金淨值查詢與即時財經新聞服務, 讓您輕鬆掌握投資理財時機;喜歡國外旅遊的您, 可使用遠東商銀首創推出之『跨幣別匯率換算』為您的購物精打細算。4.豐富的優惠折扣:除了眾多信用卡特店優惠外, 更首創結合遠東集團資源, 為的就是提供您最多的優惠折扣與消費無息分期;結合GPS定位技術, 您身邊最近的優惠商店只要動動手指就一目了然, 走到哪裡享受到哪裡。5.貼心的客戶服務:首創推出「接通我的理專」服務, 讓手機也可以是您的行動理財秘書;您也可透過GPS定位服務查詢離您身邊最近的分行及ATM位置, 讓您不用為了找分行或ATM服務而煩惱。"Mobile banking" of the Far Eastern International Bank to provide banking services you live, the first launch of the cross-currency exchange rates, "on my services, specifically, and also combined with the promotions of the Far Eastern Group, in addition to make it easy for you to master personal financial condition and business messages, but also to enjoy more of life deals with goodies, let your life financial one finger on the pass!Software features:Facilitate the transfer / payment: to provide online transfers, payment of the Bank's credit card to pay a fee to Far EasTone fee, pay taxes ... and other service functions, so you have a more convenient transaction channel selection to help you save run branches and waiting time.2. Complete billing inquiries: to provide an overview of NT, foreign currency, funds, credit cards, loans and other accounts and balance inquiries, to facilitate the management of personal financial information at any time.Diversified financial information: provide real-time market index and Change information, interest rates, exchange rates, NAV query with real-time financial news service, make it easy for you to master the timing of the investment and financial management; likes to travel abroad, you can use the Far Eastern International Bank 's first launch of the cross-currency exchange rates for your shopping prudently.Discount: In addition to many credit card special shop discount, more initiative combined resources of the Far Eastern Group, is to provide you the most discount and consumer interest-free installments; combined with GPS technology, as long as your nearest discount store fingertips glance, go enjoy where.Attentive customer service: initiative launched "on my reasons" service, so the phone can also be your action financial secretary; You can also check around away from your nearest branch and ATM location through GPS positioning service, so You do not have to worry about in order to find a branch or ATM service.

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