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DeveloperNetworld Technology Limited
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Download App Android 手機版 免費登場! 作為香港No.1電子產品格價網站,曾榮獲「2008 Google Adsense年度創新大獎」及「2010年香港十大.hk中小企組優異獎」,每月瀏覽頁次超過1800萬(網絡流量分析公司Alexa及Google Analytics的評級),反映的市場領導地位。 本著「價格至新,產品至齊」的精神,為用戶提供諸如手提電話、遊戲、電腦、家庭電器等電子產品的資料,同時列出不同商戶的售價及用家評價,務求讓用戶以最抵價格購得心頭好。 用戶可以透過本程式地圖定位,比較所處地附近商鋪提供的產品價格,系統會自動格價,並顯示最平的一家,方便用戶前往選購。 想隨時隨地以最抵價購物?立即體驗 Android Phone 版啦!v1.23新增分享到WeChat朋友圈提升穩定性v1.22 版本更新呼應主網站更新分類結構,令分類更清晰v1.21 版本更新﹣加入分享到微信功能,用戶可分享產品及其報價給其他微信好友﹣增強穩定性v1.2 版本更新:﹣增強對ICS支持﹣新增分享功能,用戶可以將心儀產品分享給好友﹣新增用戶意見回饋功能,用戶如對本程式有任何意見,歡迎使用此功能與我們聯絡 Android Mobile free debut! As the the No.1 electronic products in Hong Kong compare prices website has won "2008 the Google Adsense Innovation of the Year Award"And SMEs in Hong Kong Top Ten HK Merit Award in 2010, more than 18 million page views per month (network traffic analysis company Alexa and Google Analytics rating), to reflect market leadership. The spirit of the "price to the new to Qi" spirit, to provide users with information such as mobile phones, games, computers, home appliances and other electronic products,Also listed merchants selling price and home evaluation, in order to allow the user purchased a good heart most arrived in prices. The user can through the program map positioning, price comparison is located near shops,The system will automatically compare prices and displays the most level of a user-friendly to buy. Want most arrived in price shopping anytime, anywhere? Immediately experience Android Phone version of it!v1.23Add Share to WeChat circle of friendsEnhance stabilityv1.22 updated versionEchoes main site to update the structure of the classification, the classification clearerv1.21 updated version- Add to Share Micro-letter feature, users can share the product and its offer to other micro-letter Friends- Enhanced stabilityv1.2 version of the update:- Enhanced support for ICS- Added Share feature, users can share your favorite products to a Friend- New user opinions feedback function, users have any comments on the program, please use this feature to contact us

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