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■無料でも楽しめる麻雀アプリです!■迫力の麻雀演出・萌えるボイス!・雷が落ち、龍が画面狭しと昇る演出は必見!萌え雀士のボイスは超セクシーで必聴です!■最高の麻雀思考エンジンを搭載・超高速思考&百万通りの打ち筋を持つ「次世代麻雀思考エンジン 雀-X」を搭載!・対人を超えたAI雀士に勝利し、昇龍神の称号を手に入れろ!■究極まで高めた、プレイしやすさ・例1:横持ち縦持ち両方に対応 両手で「横持ち」し、座ったり寝転がりながら本格プレイ! 右手で「縦持ち」し、左手は吊革や鞄を握って気軽プレイ!・例2:選択可能な捨て牌方法 スマホでは[捨牌]ボタンがやりやすく、 タブレットではツータッチがやりやすいですよ。・例3:多彩なルール設定 18種類の麻雀ルール設定が可能なので、自分にあったルールで打てます。※なお、設定変更ができない採用ローカルルールは以下となっております。・平和自摸あり・食い平和不可・暗槓のドラは即ノリ。加槓・大明槓のドラは捨て牌後。・国士無双のみ暗槓でも搶槓が可能。・国士無双のフリ聴は現物牌のみ。・大四喜、国士無双十三面待ち、九連宝燈九面待ち、四暗刻単騎待ちはダブル役満・人和は役満・十三不塔なし■続々バージョンアップ予定・渋い雀士から萌え雀士まで、キャラクターは続々追加致します!・更に、通信対局も対応予定です。バージョンアップをお待ちください!■ It is the Mahjong app can enjoy for free!■ The voice Moe Mahjong Direction, of the force!And directed by a lightning storm fell, rising dragon screen packed with must-see! Voice of Janshi is must-listen in super sexy Moe!■ It is equipped with a mahjong thinking engine of the best· It is equipped with a muscle out of the ultra-high-speed thinking and one million as the "next generation Mahjong thinking engine sparrow-X!"· I won the AI ​​Janshi beyond the interpersonal, throw it to hand the title of rising dragon god!■ was increased to ultimate, ease of play· Example 1: corresponds to the vertical side have have bothWith both hands and "side has" full-scale play Nekorogari while sitting or!With your right hand to "have vertical", feel free to play the left hand to hold the bag and strap!• Example 2: How to tile discarded selectable[捨牌 button is easier in the smartphone,Tsutatchi is it is easy to do in the tablet.• Example 3: various rules setMahjong rules set of 18 kinds, so possible, I allow you to type in the rule that suits you.※ In addition, adopt local rules that do not change the settings is becoming less.Ali peace own 摸-Eating peace impossibleDora-dark 槓 the glue immediately. Dora addition 槓-Daming 槓 pie later discarded.· 搶槓 can even dark 槓 only thirteen orphans.-Pretend hearing of thirteen orphans only kind tile.Kok single horseman wait thirteen surface waiting big four winds, thirteen orphans, nine surface waiting nine gates, dark four double YakumanAnd human sum Yakuman• No thirteen non-tower■ after another version up plan· To Janshi Moe from bitter Janshi, character will be added one after another!· In addition, communication Taikyoku also will be supported. Please wait for the upgrade!

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