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수협Bank는 안드로이드폰을 이용해 수협은행 금융거래가 가능한 어플리케이션입니다.* ICS 업데이트 이후 정상거래가 안되는 경우 "환경설정-개발자 옵션- 활동(액티비티) 보관안함"에 체크를 해제하시기 바랍니다.* 본 어플은 고객의 안전한 금융서비스 이용을 위한 보안프로그램을 포함하고 있습니다.[주요서비스]o 예금조회 : 보유계좌조회, 이체출금, 납입입금, 거래내역조회o 이체 : 즉시이체 및 결과조회, 예약이체, 자주쓰는 입급계좌o 금융상품판매 : 금융상품안내/가입, 금융상품해지o 신용카드 : 현금서비스, 결제금액/승인내역/이용한도/보유카드 조회o 공제보험: 공제보유계좌조회, 납부내역/해지환급금조회, 공제료납부o 펀드 : 기준가격조회, 수익률조회, 계좌조회, 거래내역조회, 펀드거래o 외환 : 환율조회, 보유계좌/거래명세/외화이율/외화수표 조회, 외화예금입금, 외화예금지급o 대출 : 보유계좌조회, 거래내역/이자/상환예상 조회, 대출이자납입, 대출원금상환o 지로공과금 : 지로, 공과금, 범칙금, 지방세, 환경개선부담금, 상하수도요금o 부가서비스 : 자기앞수표/주가지수 조회, 영업점/ATM찾기o 공인인증센터 : (재)발급, 인증서 가져오기, PC로 내보내기, 타행/타기관인증서등록, 공인인증서 관리, 갱신/폐기o 환경설정 및 고객센터 : 공지사항, 이벤트, 콜센터, 마이메뉴, 템플릿변경 등* 3G망으로 다운로드시 데이터요금이 발생할 수 있으며, Wi-Fi 망 이용을 권장합니다.NFFC Bank NFFC bank transactions using the Android phone application.Failure * ICS update after normal trading environment settings - Developer options - "" activities (activities) Unarchive please uncheck the* This application includes access to secure financial services for customers of the security program.[Service]o deposit holds Chexsystems, paid deposit withdrawals, transfers, transaction historyo Transfer: Immediately transfer the query result, a scheduled transfer, frequently used ipgeup accounto Financial Product Sales: Financial Products Guide / join, termination of financial productso Credit Card: cards using cash advances, payment / approval history / / reserves Viewso deductions insurance deductible reserves Chexsystems, payment history, / termination refund inquiries, pay gongjeryoo Funds: base price lookup, yield lookup, account inquiries, transaction history, fund tradingo Foreign Exchange: Exchange Rate, the accounts / transaction specification / currency interest rate / currency check, lookup, deposits, foreign currency deposits, foreign currency deposits paido loan reserves account inquiries, transaction history / interest / repayment expected lookup, loan interest payments, loan principal repaymentsbills: o Giro Giro, dues, fines, and local taxes, environment improvement charges, water and sewerage rateso Additional services: cashier's check / stock index lookup, branch / ATMo Certificate Center: (re) issued the Certificate Import, Export to PC, coasting / registration certificate, other institutions accredited certificate management, renewal / disposalo Preferences and Customer Center: Announcements, Events, call center, my menus, templates, such as changing* 3G network, Wi-Fi network use and data charges may apply when downloading is recommended.

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