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by On June 30, 2011
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苹果商店财务类排行榜前5名app!  优股雷达,一款革命性的盯盘选股专利软件,给您颠覆性的方式精选股票!   雷达预警盯盘:从5个维度,用15个指标,每日全景扫描沪深两市2200只个股,超买超卖每日预警,利好利空,筹码集中,基金重仓,低估值,一网打尽,自动盯盘! 黄金谷池选股:黄金谷池使用特有算法大规模计算,每日筛选目标股,历史数据验证跑赢大盘概率88%,10个交易日内平均涨幅9%!  个股技术指标快速诊断,及时发现机会和风险!多维度个股到价预警,随时随地决胜千里!  优股雷达,完成你不可能完成的海量数据分析!  让炒股更专业!让炒股更轻松!   软件特点:  革命:2200只个股每日全景选股,优中选优告别一棵树上吊死! 实战:2005年股改后至今,2200只个股海量历史数据验证! 专业:20年股龄研发团队,想你所想,如影随形,为股民喝彩!  省时:节省您99%的时间,突破人力极限,完成你不可能完成的任务! 简单:结果一目了然,5分钟内帮助你找到重点目标!Apple Store Financial class Top 5 app!  The gifted shares Radar, a revolutionary stare disk picking patented software, your subversive selection of stock!   The radar warning draining: from five dimensions, using 15 indicators, the daily pan & scan 2200 in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks overbought oversold daily warning, good bad chips centralized fund Shigekura, underestimate the value of a clean sweep, disk Automatic stare! Gold Valley pool stock: Golden Valley pool using proprietary algorithm to large-scale computing, daily screening target shares, the historical data validation outperform probability of 88%, 9% average increase in 10 trading days! The stocks technical indicators quick diagnosis, identify opportunities and risks in a timely manner!Multidimensional stocks to the price of warning, winning thousands of miles anywhere! Priority shares radar, the completion of the massive amounts of data that you can not complete the analysis! Let stocks more professional! Let stocks easier!   Software features: Revolution: 2200 stocks daily panorama stock picking, selecting the best bid farewell to a tree and hanged! Combat: after the 2005 stock reform since the 2200 stocks massive historical data validation! Professional: 20 Age of shares R & D team, you want to go hand in hand, as investors cheer! Province: save 99% of your time, breaking the human limit, to complete your mission impossible! Simple: the results at a glance, and within five minutes to help you find the key objectives!

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