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by On November 16, 2011
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園區巡迴巴士 經由智慧型手機或平板電腦,完整呈現出新竹科學園區所提供巡迴巴士的搭乘資訊。透過此應用程式,就能隨時掌握巴士在園區周邊的動向。本應用程式能顯示園區目前所有的巡迴巴士路線圖及站牌。不管您是身在新竹科學園區、新竹生醫園區、新竹高鐵站或是竹南科學園區,您都能透過螢幕查看各顏色巴士的即時位置,讓您有效率的掌握及安排行程。本應用程式透過簡單的功能選項,讓您選擇不同顏色路線的巡迴巴士,並提供巴士動態訊息。  主要的功能選項:1.	『我的位置』:顯示目前自已所在的位置。2.	『巴士位置』:選定巡迴路線後,在該路線所有巴士之間依序切換。3.	『追踨巴士』:將選定的巡迴巴士保持於地圖中心。4.	『到站提醒』:巡迴巴士接近『我的位置』或『我的位置』接近站牌時,設定震動或鈴聲提醒。備註:	本應用程式需開啟網路功能。	開啟GPS功能,能提升本應用程式的精確度。	本應用程式資料來自新竹科學即時交通網。Park tour bus via a smart phone or tablet, complete showing the Hsinchu Science Park provides a tour bus ride information. Through this application, you can keep abreast of the movements of the bus in the park surrounding.The application can display all Park is currently touring bus route maps and bus stop. Whether you are in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, Hsinchu High Speed ​​Rail Station or Chunan Science Park, you can through the screen to view real-time location of each color bus, so you have mastery of efficiency and travel arrangements.The application through simple options let you choose a different color route tour bus and bus dynamic message.  The main options:Location: currently own the location.Bus location ": selected tour routes between all buses in the route the order to switch.Tracking on buses: will be selected for the tour bus remains at the center of the map.4. "Station Reminder: Tour bus close to my position" or "my position" close to the stop sign, set to vibrate or ring to remind.Remarks: This application needs to open a network function. open the GPS function, can improve the accuracy of this application. the application from the Hsinchu Science-based real-time traffic network.

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