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by On June 13, 2011
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地铁背单词,赋予背单词不同于以往的全新体验,在用它背单词感觉就像在玩游戏,学习完成的时候也许你会发现自己居然得了超神哦~ 每天打开地铁背单词,轻轻松松,不再总背A和B。 地铁背单词是希望帮助大家把零碎的时间利用起来,也许把这一点点原本无聊的时间积累起来,也能做出让人刮目相看的成绩。发音插件:com.svox.langpack 下载:特色功能: 1. 智能学习系统,全面吸收21天背词法,紧密贴合记忆曲线。 2. 自动计算记忆弱点,智能复习选择 3. 学习状态评分系统,最高可以到达超神哦! 4. 完整考研词库内置其中,无需网络下载5. 学习成就统计系统,帮您轻松掌控学习进度,了解学习成果(还能分享给好朋友哦!)6. 勋章奖励系统,让背单词更有成就感小提示: 长按可以看单元的学习记录哦The subway back the word, give back the word is different from the new experience of the past and use it to back words feel like playing the game, learning completed perhaps you will find yourself actually got super God to open the subway back words a day, light easily loose, longer total back to A and BThe subway back the word is hope that the use of fragmented time, maybe this little bit otherwise boring time accumulated, can make a very impressive achievements.The pronunciation plug: com.svox.langpackDownload: # com.svox.langpack.installer_1.0.1.apkFeatures:. Intelligent learning system, the full absorption of 21 days back lexical memory curve fit closely.Automatically calculate the memory weakness, intelligent review selectLearning state ratings system, the maximum can reach the super-god oh!4. Complete Kaoyan the lexicon built-in which, without network downloadLearning achievement statistics system, help you easily control the learning progress, understand the learning outcomes (good friends can share oh!)6. Medal reward system, so that the word back more rewardingTip: Press and can look at the unit's learning records Oh

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