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壹、系統簡介一、「法源法典」基礎六法版,係由「法源資訊股份有限公司」發行。二、「法源法典」基礎六法版,係從「法源法律網」(,100餘萬筆資料庫中,精選重要常用法規及全部大法官解釋,提供使用者於行動裝置上查詢資料。貳、資料範圍:一、精選常用法規:包含坊間各式六法全書,所收錄的法規1,055筆。二、大法官解釋:全部。參、系統更新一、軟體下載:免費(現階段)。二、資料更新:免費(現階段)。肆、系統發展一、「法源法典」基礎六法版(2011年推出)收錄1,000多筆法規與全部大法官解釋。二、「法源法典」大六法版(2012年推出)收錄「全國法規資料庫」中,全部法規、條約協定、大法官解釋、最高法院民事判例、最高法院刑事判例、最高行政法院判例…等資料計約2萬餘筆,為最專業、即時的法規資料庫。現階段免費下載,歡迎使用。三、未來將視使用者需求,推出系列產品。伍、歡迎下載使用,並祈盼  您惠予提供指正與建議。一、E-Mail信箱二、服務專線:886-2-2509-3536 分機 102(李小姐)陸、「法源法律網」(簡介一、「法源法律網」為線上法學資料庫,提供即時、正確、完整的法學資料檢索服務。二、「法源法律網」全面收錄我國各類法學資料,包含中央及地方之法規、大法官解釋、判例(最高法院、最高行政法院)、決議(最高法院、最高行政法院)、各級法院裁判、法律問題座談、中央及地方之行政函釋、法學論著全文…等資料。已建置完成的資料,逾1,100餘萬筆(2012.11.20),並每日即時更新資料。I. Introduction"Law Source Code the basic the Six Ways edition, Department of Information Co., Ltd. by the" source of law "issue., The "Source Code the basic the Six Ways edition, series from the" source of law Legal Network ( 1,100 ten thousand document library, selection of important the commonly regulations and all Justice explained provide users query data on a mobile device.Cumulative data:The, Featured commonly regulations: contains the printing of all kinds Six Laws, regulations included 1,055 pen.The Justices: all.Parameters, the system updatesSoftware download: free (at this stage).Updated: free (at this stage).Wantonly, system development"Law Source Code Basic the Six Laws edition (launched in 2011)The inclusion of more than 1,000 regulations and all Justice explained., The "Source Code the Six Laws edition (launched in 2012)Included "National laws and regulations in the database, all regulations, treaties and agreements, Justices civil jurisprudence of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court in criminal jurisprudence, the Supreme Administrative Court jurisprudence ... data total about 2 million pen, the most professional, real-time regulations database. Free download at this stage are welcome to use.The future will depend on the user needs to launch a series of products.Ng, download welcome to use, and praying for you to you for your corrections and suggestions., E-Mail Address:, service hotline :886 -2-2509-3536 is extension 102 (Miss Lee)Introduction to land, the source of law Legal Network "( "source of law Legal Network online databases of Law, to provide immediate, correct and complete law information retrieval service.Second, the "source of law Legal Network" comprehensive inclusion of all kinds of law information, including central and local regulations, Justices jurisprudence (Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court), resolution (the Supreme Court, the highest administrative court), courts at all levels referee, the discussion of legal issues, the central and local administrative explanation, law treatise more ... information. Already constructed more than 1,100, more than 000 pen (2012.11.20) and daily instant updating of information.

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