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by On July 23, 2013
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繁體:玄幻修真小說合集[1]修真之名,古已有之,俗曰修道。它囊括了動以化精、煉精化氣、煉氣化神、煉神還虛、還虛合道、位證真仙的全部修持過程。何謂真?真乃真人之業位,真乃真仙,不是自封標榜,實乃空間上界所封也。真人乃修道人的最高境界,修持者均應胸懷大志,高瞻遠矚,終生勤奮,刻苦修持,德功並進,以求達到真人、真仙的上乘境界,故曰修真。本系列收錄修真小說30本共177個檔案,按順序打包成3個電子書應用,每個應用約包含10本作品。所有應用互相獨立,單個應用內的所有小說都是完整的,您可以下載單個應用,也可以下載全套應用。本應用內容為繁體。Traditional: fantasy comprehension Fiction Collection [1]Comprehension of the name, has existed since ancient vulgar said monasticism. It covers the moving of fine refining refined gas, Lianqi of God, the refining God also virtual, virtual co Road Slip true cents practice. What is the truth? Zhennai Reality bit the industry, Zhennai really cents is not self-advertised the closure is also an exercise in space on the sector. The highest realm of the real is the cultivator practice who should be ambitious, far-sighted, lifelong hard-working, hard practice, Germany successfully in hand, in order to achieve real, true fairy superior realm of comprehension for twenty years before.The series included comprehension novel 30 of 177 files in order packaged into three e-book applications, each application contains about 10 works. All applications independent of each other, all within a single application novels are complete, you can download a single application, you can also download the full set of applications.The content of this application for Traditional.

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