0870 – Find a cheaper number


The original 0870 application, now back and better than ever!Save money on phone calls! 0870 has already saved users over 25 million pounds.Many companies use 0870, 0845 and 0800 numbers for customer service, which usually cost around 35p per minute to call.0870 will turn these expensive numbers into 01, 02 (which usually come out of your contract) or cheaper 08 numbers.0870 doesn’t know about every number out there. Far from it, in fact. The number database currently stands at around 12,000 alternatives from companies large and small (this number increases daily).Yes, it’s not going to work for every number you call – but if it works once, you’ve saved money. Twice, and you’re quids in!You can use 0870 by either launching the app and dialling the number, or use your normal Phone app and choose 0870 when prompted.This app is not related to the SayNoTo0870 website.

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