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by On January 20, 2011
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体验完美“拇指购物”!1号店(推出手机版掌上1号店, 集搜索、购买、下单、送货为一体的一站式购物, 您只需轻轻拨动手指, 躺在床上也能将超市搬回家!, 掌上1号店信息与1号店(为同步,可以不再担心占用上班太多时间,可以放心通过掌上1号店随时随地完成您的购物! 功能特色 - 掌上超市,千万商品随意挑选 - 多种付款方式,支持货到付款和刷卡 - 最新促销信息,随时随地享受优惠 - 支持1号团购,更有掌上专享等你来抢 - 支持条码/二维码扫描 - 新浪微博,QQ,支付宝登录,不用注册也能购物 - 物流查询,洞悉你的包裹状态 客服电话:400-007-1111 如果您对我们的应用有任何建议,欢迎评论或在应用内提交反馈。Experience the perfect thumb shopping 1st shop ( to launch Mobile Pocket Shop No. 1, set the search, purchase orders, delivery as one of the one-stop shopping, you need to gently struck fingers, lying in bed is also able to the supermarket moved back home!The Pocket Shop No. 1 and No. 1 shop ( no longer have to worry about synchronization occupy too much time to work, you can rest assured that by the the Pocket Shop No. 1, anytime, anywhere to complete your shopping!Features- Pocket supermarket, do random selection of goods- Variety of payment methods, support cash on delivery and credit card- The latest promotional information, anytime, anywhere to enjoy preferential- Support for the 1st buy more handheld exclusive you rob- Support for bar code / two-dimensional code scanning- Sina microblogging, QQ, Alipay login, no registration can be shopping- Logistics query insight into the status of your parcelCustomer Service Phone :400-007-1111If you have any suggestions for our application, and welcomes comments or feedback submitted within the application.

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