(1.5/1.6) MineMessageVibrator


This is the version for Android 1.5 or 1.6 users. If you have Android 2.0 or above, please download "MineMessageVibrator" instead.MineMessageVibrator is an open sourced app that provides a widget to Toggle SMS/MMS Vibrate easily and Reminders for various items, with a lot of features: Unread SMS/MMS Reminder Custom Vibrate Pattern Missed Phone Call Reminder Unread GMail Vibrate/Reminder Custom Reminder (Interval / Vibrate / Sound)*Distinguish the missed stuff by the different Reminders (new)*Light screen up when message (SMS/MMS) comes (new) Auto Enable Vibrate & ReminderKeywords: SMS, MMS, Vibrate, Reminder, Vibrator, Widget, Light Screen, Unread Message, Unread GMail, Missed Phone Call

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