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A brain training game based on numbers, colors and shapes FOR TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES!!!Train your memory, math, reflexes and logical skills through different funny games…… and when you feel confident, play with the World Brain Test mode and try to get the best score: your name and the flag of your Country will be shown in the Online World Ranking of 1 Minute Game!!!- 8 games and 3 levels of difficulty- 4 categories: Logic, Reflexes, Memory and Calculation- 6 slots to store profiles- 3 online challenges- a Brain Test mode to test how fast your brain is- World Brain Test to be the fastest brain in the World- post your World Brain Test record on your facebook Wall!ONLINE WORLD RANKING of the WORLD BRAIN TEST (AS OF 5th NOVEMBER 2011)GERMANY is at the moment THE COUNTRY AT TOP OF THE WORLD – thanks to the score of The-Brain_122: 2 m. and 6,501 s. – followed by USA and ITALY 8 places of the TOP 10 belong to German players!TOP 10 – WORLD BRAIN TEST of 1 Minute Game1 The-Brain_122 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 6,501s.2 Friedi_77 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 8,422s.3 Michael_142 – USA – 2 m. and 8,826s.4 Andy_71 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 9,257s.5 TheBrain_78 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 9,840s.6 Andy_111 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 15,393s.7 Phil_112 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 16,20s.8 Romano_1 – ITALY – 2 m. and 16,481s.9 The-Brain_117 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 18,283s.10 Rike_79 – GERMANY – 2 m. and 19,111s.What are you waiting for to play with 1 Minute Game and lead your Country at the top of the World Ranking? The more friends play, the funnier the game is!Visit http://www.wepromite.com/products/games/1-minute-game/ranking/ to view all the rankings!We have also a page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/1-Minute-Game/333025448031In case of issues do not use the comments but please send us an email.[brain training logic test One minute game]

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