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How to cut your expenses? First of all you need to determine where you spend your money and how much you earn. The 10 Cents application allows you to find this information easily, you just have to add the amount for your expenses or incomes and the application will show you the total per period even at the subcategory level. If you don’t like to wait until you enter enough data or you like to be prepared for the future, you can also find how much you will spend or win by adding recurring rules or future incomes or expenses. For example eating out/daily, salary/monthly… The 10 Cents application will show you the total/period also for this type of transactions. Add recurring or future transactions even if the amount is variable, when the application will detect that a recurring or future transaction is occurring will ask you to confirm it, and you can easily change its amount. Main features:- Income, Expense transactions management- Recurring/Future income or expense transaction management- Income or Expense tracking- Account, Income source management (currently the application is not connecting or importing bank data)- Expense Category, Expense Subcategory management- Daily, Monthly, Yearly or Custom period for displaying the different types of information-Optimized also for tablets and ICSView different types of information like:- (Total Expenses) / (Expense Category or Expense Subcategory or Account)- (Total Income) / (Account or Income Source)- (Total Recurring or Future expenses) / (Expense Category or Expense Subcategory)- (Total Recurring or Future income) / (Account or Income Source)- (Expenses) / (Expense Category or Expense Subcategory or Account)- (Incomes) / (Account or Income Source)…Charts: - Spending by category - Income by accountBackup: - Automatic and manual backupAdvantages compared with other applications: - Fastest way to add a transaction (most of the cases you just have to add the amount) - Clean and beautiful interface - Intuitive interface, the actions which can be executed on an item are clearly displayed near the item - See how much money you will spend or earn by adding recurring or future transactions - No complicate setup after install, in most of the cases you don’t have to do nothing, the application will figure out your preferences based on the phone settings - Make your own application, the application is letting you to add as many accounts, income sources, expense categories, expense subcategories as you require. Also the proposed category tree can be completely deleted - Track your money using reports even at the subcategory level on custom periods - Automatic and manual backup - All the data is kept on your phone - The application allows you to not use accounts to manage your money- Features from desktop money managers: Quicken, Microsoft Money, AceMoneyKeywords: finance, expense, income, transfer, expense management, expense tracker, money manager, personal money manager, savings tracker, saving money, finance manager, personal finance, personal finance manager, personal finance management, personal money management, budget manager, budget tracker, spending tracker, daily expense tracker,daily expense manager, income tracker, income calculator, mobile banking, savings account, checking account, receipt tracker, receipt scanner, receipt filer, receipt capture, expense log, household budget, family budget, financial planner, financial calculator, accounting, finance, accounting software, business accounting, cash register, cash organizer, credit cards, money, money saving app, money saver, mobile expense tracker, mobile money app, mobile money manager.If you have any problems or change requests please contact us at contact@tennumbers.com

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