100 squares calc -time attack-


_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/Since 2012.12.24, We use "Pankia(Leaderboard, Achievement)".Please update the app in your terminal._/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/Enjoy the one hundred squares calculation!From top to bottom, you make answers in squares.As soon as you make answer, it is scored.When you fill all squares by answers, your answer time is recorded.Please enjoy it!Hash Tag:#100calcGame mode:(1) addition(2) subtraction(3) multiplication(4) 4 operations(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)World leaderboard(Pankia):(1) Daily leaderboard(2) Monthly leaderboard(3) Overall leaderboardStatistical data:When you press the "Graph" button, you can check the following two points.(1) The number of players each cleared time.(2) The proportion of clear and perfecttarget version:over 2.1Checked by:HTC Desire (Android 2.2)Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.3)Sony Tablet (Android 3.2.1)

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