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如果有人问你,战国四君子是哪四人?云台二十八将都有谁?“清朝的“八旗”指哪八旗?何谓“三教”、“九流”?中国历史上规模最大的一次战争是什么战争?这些历史常识性的问题你都能答得出来吗?一生必知的历史常识1000+ 把一些读者可能感兴趣的、觉得有意思的,然而又较零散的1000个历史常识编辑成册,让你轻松阅读古今中国历史,从而丰富知识,开拓视野。一生必知的历史常识1000+ 是一本浓缩中国历史文化知识精粹的储备手册。它以短小精悍的文字,娓娓讲述历史的精彩,集知识性、趣味性、科学性于一体。内容包括人们在学习、工作、生活中最常用的知识。一生必知的历史常识1000+ 有怎样的特点:-精美画面,将读者带入历史的潮流感中。-操作简易,方便用户使用。-内容丰富,超越普通教育应用的内容。-内容详尽,保证读者的阅读质量。-随时阅读,无时无刻丰富读者知识。-名族感强,为读者普及中国历史知识。-清晰分类,一目了然的分类。If someone asked you, the Warring States four gentlemen which four people? PTZ twenty-eight have who? "Qing Dynasty" Eight Banners "which the Eight Banners? Meaning of" three religions "and" abysmal "? Chinese history, the largest War is war? these historical common-sense questions you can answer this? life knowledge of history will know 1000 + Some readers may be interested in, find it interesting, however, when compared with 1000 scattered knowledge of history compiled into books, let you easily read ancient and modern Chinese history, a wealth of knowledge, broaden their horizons.Knowledge of history of life will know the 1000 + is a concentrated knowledge of Chinese history and culture which embodies reserves Manual. It to dapper text, tell the story of the wonderful history to set informative, interesting, scientific in one. Include knowledge of the most commonly used in the study, work, and life.Life must know the knowledge of history 1000 + what characteristics:- Beautiful picture, the reader into the history of fashion sense.- Easy operation and user-friendly.- Content-rich, beyond the content of the general education applications.- Detailed, to ensure the quality of the reader reading.- Read at any time, all the time enrich the readers knowledge.- The strong sense of family name for readers to popularize knowledge of Chinese history.- The clear classification glance classification.

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