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123recall is the multi-tool of Android applications. When you shop for a tool to slip in your pocket, drop in your bag, or clip on your belt, most people prefer a single tool that will handle many of their everyday needs, rather than a pocketful of specialized ones. In 123recall you have, in a single app of the highest quality and ease of use, the ability to address many of your daily needs. If what you need is a good tool and not just another toy, this is the app for you!DO IT ALL YOUR WAY! Just in case the included nine sub-applications don’t meet all your personal needs, we added Personal Forms – a way to create your own solution!SPEAK YOUR INPUT - you always have the choice to enter text using voice recognition.KEEP RICH DETAILS – each feature offers a broad array of appropriate data types that can include: Text, Sound, Photos, Street address, GPS locations, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Price, Alerts with tone or voice message, etc.CATEGORIZE YOUR DATA by suggested topics or topics of your creation.PROTECT YOUR DATA – securely backup or restore your data to your phone or a new phone.IMPORT AND EXPORT CONTACTS between popular email services & your phone.EMAIL LISTS FROM WITHIN THE APPTHIS IS YOUR INFORMATIONAll of the entries in 123recall are retained on your phone and not on a remote server out of your control. To preserve your data and allow you to port the data to a new phone or recover from an accidental user error, we have partnered with Dropbox to provide an integrated way for you to archive these data to your personal password protected account.TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE POWER OF 123recallMost find 123recall intuitive to use. There is, however, extensive functionality included in this app. Check out our Web site for detailed user guides covering all of the included features in rich detail.123recall FEATURE SET INCLUDES:PERSONAL FORMSo Create your own unique solution with a nearly unlimited combination of features.EVENTSo Set reminders with voice message or tone alerts.o Set multiple dates and/or times for a single event.o Include descriptions, voice recording, photo, phone number, and address. FIND MY CARo Remembers where you parked your car.o Guides you back to your parking place on a map.o Keeps a voice memo to record a garage level or parking spot number.LISTSo View as check-off lists or shopping lists that totals purchase prices.o Completed or purchased items move to the bottom of the list.o Email a list.o Copy an existing list.MEDICATIONSo Set reminders on when to take.o If your phone is off when an alert occurs, you will be reminded when you turn it on.o Keep rich description about medication.MY TRIPSo Records distance, time, and average speed for map walks, jogs, drives, etc.o Maps your travel.o Start and stop recoding as needed.o A great way to track your exercise progress or vacation travels. PEOPLEo Capture names, photos, phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses.o Click a button to send an email or dial a phone number.o Get maps and directions to address from any current location.o See photos in list view to help remember someone’s name.o Import & export email contacts from popular email services with Dropbox secure file transfer. PLACESo Record everything you need to know about somewhere you are going or have been.o Click a button to see a map of the location, get directions, send an email, or call on your phone.o Save a GPS location when you are there.o Snap and save a photo in the record.QUICK NOTESo A super-simple, electronic sticky note to allow you to record text and/or a voice memo easily and quickly.TASKSo Create tasks with due dates, reminder dates, and completion status.o Import and export tasks between Exchange/Outlook.

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