2 Click Text – Trial


Send a text with two clicks! Pre-configure messages with corresponding recipients. Then, when you are in a hurry, click the message, and click to confirm. That’s it! It only takes two clicks (or touches) to send the message. Each message/recipient pair is color coded so they are easy to recognize when you are in a hurry or can’t write a text.This app is super-simple to configure and use. Copy the app to your home screen, or configure it in a slider with apps like LockMenu. That way it is easy to find and quick to use.This trial version supports three pre-configured messages, and displays ads at the bottom of the screen. You can upgrade to the full version to get more messages and get rid of the ads.Notice: Depending on your voice/data/texting plan, sending SMS text messages may incur charges by your carrier. This is not a free texting service. 2 Click Text just makes sending common text messages faster and easier.

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