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The simplest and most fun way to collect photos from your guests. Guaranteed. Display the real time feed on a projector right at the event. GETTING MARRIED? Try the easiest and most fun way to collect photos from your wedding. It’s also the free-est. Basic galleries cost zero. To get your code just go here http://albumpl.us If you want premium features or to stream the photos live at your wedding, email android_prem@albumpl.us GOING TO A WEDDING? Your hosts have asked that you download this app! It takes under 30 seconds to install and you DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN IN OR SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING. The app uses geolocation and time of day to figure out how to send the photos to the right place!WANT TO USE THIS APP FOR ANOTHER TYPE OF EVENT? email PLEASE@ALBUMPL.US*MORE INFO/HOW IT WORKS*Have your guests "feed" a real time photo montage with their smart phones, via email, and even real digital cameras. The images are displayed live on a giant display and in sync across the app! Guests can edit the photos and add notes, stickers, and filters. Every version of every photo is saved and sent to you, the host!If you want a code of your own or want to sponsor a venue specific photo contest… email android_codes@albumpl.us-Share photos in real time with all the other guests and the host in real time-Order prints from the game in real time rather than waiting 24 hours and sorting through endless galleries with a card that you probably lost. -Add cool borders, filters, and stickers to your photos.-Write messages to the couple on the photos -Vote on and share photosWe are proud to be @lean. We #love our users and take pride in building simple products that solve a problem and solve it well. We are also photographers ourselves and cannot wait to help you collect and edit your photos!

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